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26 February 2004

From My Niece Anji, in Australia

ahhh, good tips on the pinata (yes spelling now correct)...
i did use a balloon, with papier mache, i used wall paper paste, ha lets see all the so called male athletes of the party break into it, should be interesting. i am making a rocket, silver cone and fins, green tissue body area, orange cellophane flames out the bottom, a door with a little spaceman sticking out, and 10,,9,8,7 etc blastoff written somewhere, this is in my head at the mo, have to actually construct the thing on the weekend.. the base is as hard as a rock, 10 or more layers, i dropped it on the floor and it didn't dent at all. i'll take pictures.
have a good party for elizabeth.
when ryan wakes up we are going to the party shop to find things to put in the pinata, aside
from lollies, and also wacky things for prizes for the games i have planned. we have some adult
games and kid games.
yes the year has gone fast, and caitlin will be 5 in april...blimey.
hoorooo for now
ps we are going to fiji in august for a in the sun.
staying on one of the little islands. (mana)

My Missive

Pinata with a ~ over the "n" -- I used to know La Cancion de la Pinata" -- from a visiting artist who taught the children to make pinatas. My advice is: use wheat paste because if you use white glue no one will ever be able to break it (the voice of experience).

Andale Ryan, non te dilates,
Con la canasta de los cacachuates.
No quiero oro ni quiero plata
yo lo que quiero es romper la piƱata.
Dale, dale, dale, no perdas el tino,
porque si lo perdes, pierdes el camino.

cacahuates are peanuts. It means something like " Go on, Ryan, don't wait for the basket of peanuts. I don't want gold or silver, I just want to break the pinata. Hit, hit, hit. Don't lose count of your steps or you'll lose your way.

Something like that ;-)

Traditional pinatas were clay pots, then long, pointed "horns" were added,and everything was covered with frilled tissue paper. You can start with a balloon and use papier mache. After it dries cut a door for the sweets, cover it with tissue (time consuming but looks nice). Fill it. Smash it.

Some friends of mine had a ship pinata at their wedding reception. It is inadvisable to use baseball bats inside to smash the pinata, especially when the blind-folded adults are drunk, and it's SOMEONE ELSE'S APARTMENT. Destroyed one pinata and one friendship.

I can't freakin' believe Ryan is a year old. Jeeze!! Elizabeth's birthday is March 2nd. We're having a get-together at a Thai restaurant next Saturday with a group of friends - I should call a make a reservation. One, two... 14 people?? sheesh Connie, Dave, Lucia, Jim, Susan, John, Keats, Ann, Chris, Geraldine, SJ,
Michael, E, me. It was Susan's birthday on Friday -- she came to visit me and Keats told us that he was "the master." We threw him out the window into the lake... no we didn't. THOUGHT about it, though! He played the "Butch Mushroom " game and made some monsters on this "monsterism" site.
The monster thing is cool as you can pick your background, head, arms, etc. and make your own monster. Butch Mushroom has to eat bugs for points, using the arrow keys (Keats could only manage the left arrow, but he did ok).

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