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11 February 2004

Tuesday worked out ok -- but no school tomorrow due to mid-winter break. Roseanne stopped in to give me the brushes for Tenaya, otherwise I'd've called her. Tiff was at school yesterday. She has me involved in a GED tutoring thing that may or may not happen. For one student. But I'd just do it when Tiff can't be there. Tiff's commute to school is long and terrible -- and very slow at any traffic-y time. If she has Spanish class she can't also be at school, so I get the opportunity to do it.

Yesterday Carmela came in and ran over to hug me, with a squeal. She's a former student and a great kid.

I cancelled my Centrum thing, and emailed the donors to give them the chance to get their $ back or let me use it for an in-school workshop. Various things happened: I didn't get two permission slips back, my chaperone is leaving, and if I could overcome those problems there's still the girls' b'ball games during the workshop week. Too much. It would've been good, but I have moved on and am looking around to see what else I can arrange. Centrum was just too far out of our comfort zone!

Virtual World
I bought a dog in There, and as "I" was running up a hill with him (Bosco*) I realised I'd recreated a particular moment from my past when I was running up a hill in the dark with my 3 dogs, and they crossed under my feet. I hit my third-finger-left-hand tip on, and the bone in my hand broke lengthwise from the impact. The finger was at a crazy angle, so I thought, "Maybe it's just dislocated," and gave it a solid yank to straighten it out -- rather excrutiating but made my finger straighten out, anyway. The next day I had to drive someone up Mt Rainier, which was highly painful, and my hand was black and twice its normal size. I resisted going to the doctor as I had no health insurance. I don't remember if I went up Rainier or to the doctor first, but I told them I'd broken a bone in my hand. They said, "We'll be the judge of that," and x-rayed it. And said, "You've broken a bone in your hand." They put a splint on it, and charged me a ton of money. I had already straightened it out, so if I'd just taped it to a popsicle stick I'd've be well ahead in time and money.
*I named him after the Italian word for "woods." A name I've been saving for a rabbit, but I don't think I'll get a rabbit as I have too many wires for it to gnaw on.

It will be a year on the 13th, since my mother died. She gave me a Christmas cactus (which I don't like as they look like ant legs and never bloom for me) and last month it became covered with blooms. Weird.

Last year my mother and father died. I thought this year would HAVE to be better, but already Howard has died. Maybe the rest of this year will be better. Last year on my birthday - September 12 -- I was in the funeral home for my father. I'm not sure why I had to mention that. Maybe I need to remind myself that even though a year of grief is the least one requires to get back to normal, my "year" started with my mother's death, but re-started with my father's death. So maybe I'll be more like a person next autumn.

Another headache. Started while I was asleep. Go away. GO AWAY.

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