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05 March 2004

I had lunch with Marilee today at the restaurant that supplanted Thai Dish. I was skeptical, but it was quite good. Nice salad with delicious berry vinaigrette, quiche that was ok. We discussed my plans for an in-school workshop -- I said I wanted Alex McC., maybe -- and could she get me in touch with him? She exclaimed that the idea was perfect, and told me that he isn't at Makah, he now lives in Olympia. Perfecto -- I hope this works out. I'm open to any suggestions from the workshop-instructor -- but I'd be very happy to have that person do monotypes or another printmaking exploration.

Yesterday 3 packages came -- the little .75 inch round labels, the new camera I bought for my children, and coffee (thank you, Connie!!). I was expecting a new keyboard (I ordered it so I'd have a backup) -- but it didn't arrive yesterday. I emailed A.S. and they replied this morning -- as I drove out the driveway to lunch I stopped and got it from the UPS man (who was happy as it saved him a walk -- it was raining and he was up the hill). I bought it because it was 8 bucks -- black -- and when this one went temporarily wonky at the de-boxing from the unwanted addition of red wine, I had to sent some of the fellows out to get another one. My criterion? "Black." They came back with a wireless keyboard/mouse -- the only one that was black, they told me (it was blue). The mouse was too heavy, so I took it off after about 5 minutes, and the keyboard just... messed up my color-scheme, man. They both were very nice, etc., except I like my optical, light-not-heavy mouse and any old cheap, black keyboard.

I have this desire to buy another computer. Not probably the very best of times, but this one is 3 years old, and I'd like faster processor speed and a newer graphics card. The one I have is fine... AIW from 3 years ago. I think a DVD drive would be in order. There's a Dell -- 3G, with 512mgs, a Radeon 9800 Pro, 17" flat panel display (what I have now), XP Pro, DVD, and a hard drive capacity of 80G. For $1062. I may buy it, as I only care about being happy NOW AT THIS MOMENT and there are precious few things that make me happy. I may think about it for another day before I decide I can't afford it.

Life -- Emails Made Me Despair For a Minute
I've been emailing with Mrs. L. as she offered me opera tickets for Sunday (I've declined -- well, actually in BOTH ways).
"How are you doing? Just to let you know that I'm thinking about you a lot. I feel bad that I haven't written to you for so long. My life is very complicated. It seems pressure come to me at all directions. There are times I wish I could run away... ...My Mom fell down twice last week. Had three stitches on her head. I think this Sept I will retire and go back to Hong Kong so that I can spend more time with her. Hoping she'll be more relaxed and not fall down again. My sister is not speaking to me even though I did so much work to take care family affair... ...We are caught between two different cultures."

--I'm so sorry you have so much to deal with. You are such a nice, good person -- your sister should be glad. It always seems to me that the nice people are treated meanly by the ordinary people -- they know the nice people won't do mean things back! Things in life aren't easy for either of us -- yet that's just the way life is! Try to do some nice things for yourself so you don't get tired and unhappy. I am thinking good thoughts about you, to help you get through this hard time. You always help me with your kind thoughts, and I will do the same. Yes -- the beautiful lake makes me feel good every time I look out the window. There is so much beauty all around us -- and it can make our problems disappear for a time. This hard time will be over one day, and life will be better.--

"Thanks for the kind words. It is true life has ups and downs which will make me stronger. I'll try to treat myself so that life will not be too boring and sad. It is good the N. Mall is at walking distance from our house. Spring is not too far away. Bright sunshine, blooming flowers and singing birds will add color to our lives. I'm looking forward to it."

Boo Hoo! Poor Mrs. L! She has broken my heart!

The Niceness of Dave
Dave took E's desk (wt. 75 lbs in box) over and put it together. He says it's pretty. I asked E if Mummy would like it, and she said, "yes." I hope it's all right -- I got a style to go with the furniture E has, and besides, I wanted her to have doors/drawers to hide crapola.

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