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27 April 2004

WASL testing at school today so my schedule was totally screwed up. I did have Josie and Scott on time. Third graders -- doing this difficult graphics project -- they are doing very well. Josie is doing the fifth grade page, which involves coming up with a concept, dragging over the student photos and re-sizing them all, scanning and coloring all the drawings that are for the photo shapes, heading, etc. Chosing the font and doing the names, too. Scott took an excellent photo of a substitute teacher, did some work to organise the second grade photos, and finished coloring, the formatted and printed a sheet or stckers of a strange original drawing. At one point I suggested he put his name on the stickers, so he wrote it. I said, now find a font you like, and pick a style. He became fretful when I turned to help Josie, and said, "Hey, I'm WAITING, over here." I turned back and told him that he'd spoken out of line and needed to get the things finished that I'd told him to do. He did. It was fine. Waiting, indeed. At least he wasn't whining, which he's learned gets him exactly the opposite of whatever he wants. I traded Rosanne Sam for Andrew, as I adore both boys and she was having trouble with Andrew. He was skating on thin ice from the beginning, which I told him. He asked me why he wasn't having art on Thursdays, and I said that apparently he hadn't been interested in what Rosanne was offering, so now he had to have evil me. I was very tough on him, not because I thought it would help this week, but because I think it'll help next week. He poked the boundaries until I kicked him out and said I would call Montrose to say he was on his way back to class.

I taught Halisa to find fonts and install them -- she has the makings of a font-nutcase like most graphics people. Tenaya saw one on H's monitor that she wanted for her first grade cartoon-look page.

Tammy and Dakota worked on their photo projects wherein they took photos and made Tammy playing basketball with Dakota's head, and Dakota yo-yo-ing with Tammy's head. They also took a very nice photo of the bus folk for the yearbook.

Slicin' Dyson is re-building my lefthand computer this week -- I'll be happier with a faster processor and more memory, but I have limited faith in the proposed rehabilitation of what to me is an outdated system, albeit one that functions about as well as it possibly could. I don't get why paying someone to rehabilitate a computer is beter than just spending the money on a new system. When I replaced my computer I reckon 3.5 years ago, the only thing I could use was my cd burner, which was new. Even the CASE wasn't much use. So better it should stay whole, as it did.

Osprey out the window.

Very windy, sunny, cloudy, wild weather today.

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