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20 May 2004

Yeah, Yeah
I know I said I wasn't going to school today... anyway, I went to jin shin, then gassed up my car and went to school. On the way down Plum towards the I-5 I saw about twenty army vehicles, Fort Lewis police, etc. The camoflage-painted army vehicles were driven by beefy young army men who all looked happy. It was this, says the Daily O:

"Dozens of military vehicles, primarily flatbed trucks, are arriving at the Port of Olympia today in preparation for loading on a ship and, ultimately, the war in Iraq.
In all, about 400 Army vehicles and pieces of equipment are scheduled for loading at the port. The last time the port was used for military vehicles was in 1987."

Don't ask me why they were smiling.

I arrived at school at 10:30, and my main reason for going during Alex's workshop is that I wanted to pay him. He was sweet and was in no hurry to leave after the workshop, and we sat and talked, which slowed me down. He's been doing a wide variety of things including fishing (he's Makah), carving, subbing for area schools, and creating CD covers. I had to kick him out, finally, but he's coming next week and possibly the following week as well. He's pleasantly absent-minded-professor-ish, even at 20-something. Then I had yearbook things to work on. Tiff was at school and wanted me to print a few Kahlo-Rivera-Siquieros-Orozco images. I got the two remaining interviews from Christy, who was ok with me finishing up that page. I got Ilene to check the Grade 1-Activities page, which made her chortle. I printed that and the Pre-School pager, got the Grade 2-Activities page nearly finished, and burned a lot of things onto a disk so I can work at home. Then left, starving, headed for lamb souvlaki with Tiff at about 3:30. Got home at 6:30 or so. Talked to Looper, who is in the APR again soon, so we need to update the website (which she's been adamant about keeping as hidden as possible -- but the APR is going to publish the url). Just finished the interview page except for a few lines I can't read. And did Neil really write that if suddenly in possession of a million dollars he would buy a skateboard? Hey Neil, I have a skateboard I'd like to sell you...

At lunch/dinner/whatever Tiff and I discussed various hideous situations, amnd I asked her, "If it were Animal School, like Animal Farm, what animal would M be?" She thought he would be a conch, since she heard they flip out and sting you savagely if you touch their shells. I said J was a bear, S was a cockatoo... and Tiff, what animal do you think I would be?

For the record, I don't think the justification "they're always busy" quite explains why she thinks I'd be a HAMSTER. "They aren't evil," she added. "Couldn't I at least be a beaver -- they actually make things and don't just spin a wheel...?" "Well, but hamsters are ..." AAAwk! Freakin' hamsters.

PS: '''yay'

IM with TheDragonMaster last night
Osprey 'coy
Osprey 'sexy'
TheDragonMaster hello
Osprey how embarrassing
TheDragonMaster lol
Osprey lol
TheDragonMaster no biggy
TheDragonMaster i know im sexy
Osprey whats up?
TheDragonMaster x;p;
TheDragonMaster lol
Osprey yup!
TheDragonMaster i remember you now
TheDragonMaster i met you in teer
Osprey right!
TheDragonMaster in the paz in teh sky
TheDragonMaster i said some day i would have one higher then anyone
Osprey ah maybe not sure
TheDragonMaster you ahd your horse
TheDragonMaster and outfit
TheDragonMaster had
Osprey oh! yes!
Osprey that's it!
TheDragonMaster thats where i met you i was a noob at the time
TheDragonMaster come say hi when done :)
TheDragonMaster hope you like my paz
TheDragonMaster the castle will be 6 paz as one
TheDragonMaster in space

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