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01 June 2004

The bulk of the yearbook got collated and taken to OrificeMax on Friday by Tiff -- hellish traffic -- I felt quite guilty. Anyway, today I printed up as many of the odd "outs" as I could so we wound up with 25 more copies, and my toxic mold children made their binder-style yearbooks to take, since they are leaving after tomorrow. Boo hoo. Sam kept bursting in all day, and I just kept telling him I adore him -- "now get out of here." It's a tough life when you're your own worst enemy. I had students making their own covers, featuring their artwork, or in Shy's case, a photo of her holding her pastel tiger. Pretty good for grade 6. I ran out of toner before I made up my "outs," and I'll need to figure out what to do. As I told Slicin'Dyson, you can't make an omelet without printing up some extra copies -- too bad these aren't just extras with no purpose. I'm in dire need of these, though, so hmmmm...

Just a second ago
Blooming Ant Legs:
The chess game on Saturday was written up in the Motu Eagle. In a rather junky fashion. Saw Psi today, in his armor. He's always in his armor these days -- has a big Elvis belt on it, unaccountably. Earlier I was jumping around on a camel (statue), and I saw a man. I went over and asked him if it was his place, and explained that I was happy it wasn't as I'd been standing on the camel. I said it sounded like code for something: standing on the camel. He kept changing his clothes for some reason. I complimented him on a shirt, and said I could see he hadn't been standing on the camel. He was named Bryce, like 3d imaging, but failed to respond to my inquiry about that, so it might be accidental. He wasn't very interesting to talk to. From Phila., though. Made me want some good food...
Ever since the downstairs woman moved in I've smelled cigarettes as I sit at my computer (even with the windows closed). It's most annoying. After all, she is two floors below me -- how far can those damn things reach? It smells like I've been in the Eastside Club or something. Grumble, grumble. I have an annoying sense of smell, it seems. The smell of the unhappy substance the downstairs man uses to shower will WAKE ME UP , I find it so disgusting. What is with me?? Last time I was flying to Australia a baby threw up two seats ahead of me -- not a big deal. But the waitresses came rushing over and drenched the carpet with a gallon of concentrated horrible pseudo-perfume that made it impossible for me to inhale without revulsion for the entire flight. Ugh! I was sensitised by an airline stinkbomb.
I see There_Test avatars around a lot lately. They are automated to log in and out over and over to alert There to log-in issues and difficulties. I tried to kiss one, but the other one I tapped... slightly... with my buggy... saw There_Monitor yesterday. She isn't standing there in her underwear like the Test avies. I don't know quite what she's for... she logs in to a different spot each Sunday.

Rayne may come in-world and play! Yay!

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