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12 June 2004


Yesterday was the last day of school. I worked on the pow-wow program on Thurday, then took it school as I'd arranged to do with B<3 so we could finalise it. Dreamt with Don Giovanni soundtrack the night before. Got to school after whistling parts of Don Giovanni in the car, and realised that was because I was thinking about my father. Last year on the last day he was in surgery. I spent weeks listening to and watching the Losey film "Don Giovanni" several times a day, every day, when I was trying to accept the things that were happening. So I was right back, yesterday, and it wasn't very nice. Anyway, I went in my room to find Slicin' -- printing the graduation programs. I had reminded him weeks ago that if he didn't want to be doing the same thing as last year -- printing programs at the last minute -- he needed to get our principal to get the thing done ahead of time. At least the outside of it. He had refused, though. I left and went to the staff lounge where I wrote cards and arranged the bracelets I got for the girls. Rosanne said something about my computers, and I said I had them passworded because I didn't want anyone using them. A teacher asked me to scan and print 3 copies each of several photos. I asked her why she needed me to do this on the last day. She said they'd been under the seat of her car. I said I would after I finished what I was doing. Several minutes later she came back and retrieved them, as someone else had said they would do it immediately. Yay! Then I went back to my room and had the 8th grade girls come in so I could give them their things, and so I could give C her award (Tenaya, my other award winner, moved, so I decided to give it privately). At the graduation ceremony, which some people might scratch their heads at, Howard Rainer was the speaker. Tiff doesn't like him, but I do, actually. The whole point of our big ceremony is this: Our students, Native American children, are leaving the school that has nurtured them within their own culture, and will be going out into the harsh public school system where they will be exposed to prejudices and stereotyping. They are shown the support of their families, the school, and their communities in the hopes that this will provide a source of strength.
Students asked for two adults to display their supporting roles by helping the student put on a button robe. Many times it was parents. Christy asked for Hil and me, so we did the honors, received a rose, and stood by while she spoke into the microphone. Last year Car asked for me. How very honored I am! Anyway, Car was there this year, and Tan, with her baby, and a bazillion old students plus babies and a few old teachers (plus a baby). Umm... saw Susan and Keats, who hugged me 4 times, which was sweet. The last time was as I was leaving the gym, and he called, "Auntie Vivian! Auntie Vivian!" and ran up and hugged me. Sat with the board until I reminded B<3 about the program. Then we went to my room and I sat right next to her and said, "You have to check EVERY LITTLE THING BECAUSE I AM MAKING MISTAKES AND I CAN'T BE TRUSTED. Proof-read EVERYTHING." I had B<3 AND Skunkie looking things over because they had written the program and they would know if something was wrong. You can see how this is going...
Today they noticed a duplication after they'd run off a bazillion copies... I WARNED THEM... I feel badly about it, but what more could I have done? I'm seriously exhausted.

I gave my camera to people so they could take pictures for me: top, by Carmela, bottom, by Grace (a mother who was graduating from Evergreen the same day), middle -- well, I gave the camera to Maria, Chris's mother, but she got the woman next to her to take pictures.

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