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07 July 2004

Uh... I'd Kiss You But YOU'RE A PARROT

Another Comcast man came, and didn't fall through the balcony like the last one (well, that man only fell PART of the way). He said it was not a weak cable-signal but a weak ELECTRICAL signal that was causing our off-linedness. I can well believe that as the trizzities ebb and flow in an obvious way here. The Man did something to raise up the signal, then said if that doesn't work our next plan is to run a wire up from below. He had A Plan. I have been fiddling around in Second Life last night and today to find out what it's like. It's ever so much more... um... well, I think if There is like being in Hawaii, then Second Life is like L.A. There is a smaller, more sweet community, and the avatars seem fairly natural. In Second life it's a big, somewhat chilling world. Things work VERY WELL, and there's a great deal of variety. I got a hoverboard (which is my main concern :7) and I was doing that, changing my appearance, and flying around after attaching things to myself (a chair, etc.). Last night before the internet disappeared I was talking to Hiro Pendragon, who makes swords. He advised me to make my nose shorter and tighten my trousers. I asked him about the strange knitting motions we were making, which made him laugh (ho, ho, ho) -- it's the avatar "typing" when we type. Why? I have NO FRIGGIN' CLUE why the avatar would be doing that. He had swords crossed on his back, which looked very cool. I was emulating him today, but accidentally put two swords THROUGH MY SHOULDERS AND OUT MY BOTTOM.
I didn't see it until I was flying (I am sure there must be a way to see from different angles, but I don't know it). I got a giant monkey and attached it to me... Last night I was sitting on the chat parrot -- a teaching tool of Linden Labs. I shot in the shooting gallery and played put-put golf. There are some good gestures, but some like the laugh (hold your tummy, ho ho ho) were familiar to me from the Second Life video -- because it's so bad. The main thing I dislike is that Osprey has this peculiar puppetlike method of ambulation.

Meanwhile, back at There, they've introduced skirts (I'm not a big skirt person but the outcry had been constant), and I flew around in a boat. There has ongoing spats between people -- and not just the personal vendettas, but the Christers vs the Satanists, etc. There has been an avatar named God standing on a cloud as long as I've been there. Lately G knocked God off her cloud then blocked her re-acension. She responded by making a club called "G is an A$$hole," and was "moderated." "Moderated" -- think one's eyelids are clamped open while an offensive movie plays? The teleport to one zone was purposefully blocked by J, and a There employee (aren't many left and we appreciate the ones we have) had to go into work on a Saturday night to remove the block. Lately because the special spots in There that everyone enjoyed had been co-opted for use by certain individuals, There has developed a way to protect them. Anything to do with people instantly becomes immensely complicated in unforseeable ways.

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