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10 August 2004


At some point I must've asked to join Project Entropia, but I don't know when exactly. I think it was after There made its first announcement and I was looking at other worlds. Yesterday I was told I'd been accepted -- so without knowing exactly what I was doing there, I went to that virtual world. Project Entropia is old -- about ten years -- and HUGE -- about 150,000 people. It's not an American MMPRPG, and it's deadly serious and has an economy based on RL money. P-E takes place on the Planet Calypso, and although it doesn't cost a penny to go there, if you want to do anything like stay alive you really should spend a little money. I haven't, yet -- so yesterday after I was spawned at Port Atlantis not knowing anything including how to move or how to get rid of screens that popped up and blocked my view (got it figured now), I took off running. I went on purpose to a red area (well, sorry, but I like red and it never even crossed my mind that it was a Danger Will Robinson zone). I twigged finally that in a red area I was just fair game for anyone or anything to kill and loot, so I ran out of it and shortly after was attacked and killed by a raptor-type thing. I went to a revival center, where I writhed around for a while getting restored to life. Then I took off running to get to another teleporter, as one has to go in two before they can be used (and I found the first one in Port Atlantis which wasn't easy as I didn't know what they looked like). In P-E there are all kinds of nasty things like robots, mutants, beasts, etc., that are able to kill. I'm not sure what there is, or what they look like, so I ran and avoided everything. When I heard a nasty roar behind me and sustained damage I kept running (I have no weapon) and did a little weaving in-and-out of the trees. I ran into a building and waited, then peeked out but saw nothing except the teleporter I was looking for. A "something" popped up and I wasn't sure if I was going to kill me or not so I took off and skirted the hill, jumped in the TP and went back to Port Atlantis. I've seen 3 or 4 beasts so far -- the first one was small and the program thought I might like to do something disgusting like collect its sweat, which I understand now is something desirable. There was an update today and since then it just crashes every time I try it, so I'm in Port Atlantis still, but I think I might run to Fort Troy, way in the south of this continent, pick up another TP and I have heard something about a market there. Everything is fortified, harsh, serious, and scary -- at least that's my first-day-impression. I didn't spent a huge amount of time getting Os to look right because it just wasn't doing it as I wanted -- her mouth is weird. I didn't know if I could try again later but I don't think I can. Her name is Fauxvia Ostherian -- nickname "Os."

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