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14 September 2004

Second Life: "Burning Life"

One of the displays at Burning Life had to do with the purloined "The Scream." The outside was a museum. If one entered the empty frame, though, "The Scream" minus the screamer, and with the chalk outline and yellow tape of a crime scene, was presented for avatars to walk around in.
Burning Life was varied and interesting -- I was glad I had been a part of it even in my very nooby way. From the striding giant crushing concepts that included "hope," to the space elevator that propelled avatars into the realm of the planets, the displays revealed what people are thinking about.
In another region of SL I found:

--- which make me feel that although EVERYTHING isn't represented in SL, it's damn close.
I found a little island that was made by Salazar Jack. I admire his way with landscape.

Today I wanted to go in to school as I'm feeling panic-y about how the process of getting students identified and enrolled in the art program is advancing, but I feel so rotten I think I'd be wise to stay at home. Anyway, there'd be no point unless I suddenly arose feeling wonderful and zoomed off in the next 5 minutes ... rather unlikely ...

I don't ask for things until =to me= the positive outweighs the negative -- that means, for me, that my incredible need for independence and privacy can't be breached unless it's worth it to me to give up my independence and privacy to receive whatever help is available. Some people are totally cool, though. So -- I'm getting a leeeetle bit into asking... and a leeeetle bit into accepting what's offered... Sometimes something will be offered but I'm not ready to accept... then 6 months later I'm ready, but the offer isn't there anymore :)
Looper thinks I'm screwed up in the way I stop doing something if, for me, the negative finally outweighs the positive (like, say, I stopped going to the opera when the stress and complications made the enjoyment almost nil). She says she figures out a way to do things --and she does, and she enjoys the things she does. I'd like her to understand that I have a differing viewpoint, and that there is no "wrong" or 'right" way to be. Just as we have different strengths and spend our time getting excited over different things, our enjoyment of activities comes from individual angles. I arrange things to my own liking to the best of my abilities, and she does the same. So far, for everything I've stopped doing, there's been at least one new thing I've found to spend time learning and doing. Yes, lots of avenues seem unavailable to me, however, I don't do the same old things or just less things -- I feel like I head off into brand new territory. To me, that's exciting. So to the outside world of my friends I may appear to be doing nothing, seeing no one, etc., but to me I'm very active in these other dimensions. Don't cry for me, Argentina, the truth is, I'm online :)
-->Argentina: Isn't it odd to name a country after a metal? Is that just to do with greed?<--

Anyway, I seem to be crankier than I think I am. That's not a good thing.

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