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01 October 2004

Philip Linden had a Second Life Town Hall Meeting today, which I caught somewhere in Le Cadre. Relating to a prior post was this:
"Dear Philip, what do you think of the benefits of Second Life for people with disabilities and problems with social interaction in real life? I am autistic and OMG!!! Second Life is such a GOOD trip. I say thankee. :)"
Philip Linden: Well said, thankee... ;)
Not much but interesting as a confirmation...

I woke up with a thumping headache, did a lot of things for school, called Frank (we're trying to decide if I should go in on Monday for jin shin, as I did this week which had unfortunate and very painful results when I went to work on Tuesday), then threw all the school things in my car. I leapt lightly in, and as soon as I had backed out of the garage MT ST HELENS ERUPTED. I drove to school, dropped off the things, spoke with Becky and Rosanne, and several students. I told Kanim not to lean on my car, then I bought a pack of cards off him for a $. The cards are from the Nisqually casino and all the pictures are Native American -- like, say, the joker is Coyote (the Trickster). Then I drove to the gas station and filled up as I was low. Came home to find a message from school on my message machine. Called them -- they were looking for the school digital camera, which, as I understand it, went missing in about 2002. The one that belonged to my program was dropped (could happen to anyone, not just a child). I raised money and bought a camera (in fact, two) because I needed them. I think school should just go and buy another freakin' camera -- after all, the original was bought around 5 years ago. Cameras are cheap. I lost the thread of my stupid thoughts just now as the Woman Beneath Me came in to copy down numbers off the router as she's having some kind of trouble. The other day I began thinking of the house in Gormenghast terms: the landlord is obviously Sepulchrave, Jess is Fuschia, I am (against my will!) Cora and Clarice, and TWBM is Steerpike. We're goners! TWBM is the former Woman in the Bottom of the House who moved into the middle floor, "lit a fire" under the denizen of the studio apartment until he moved, then moved into his space. The smoker.

I Hate Vioxx
While I was sitting in the dentist's chair for 2 1/2 hours yesterday I heard on the radio (they kitted me out in a walkman and shades) that they'd banned Vioxx. That didn't surprise me at all, since I took Vioxx twice, and I would never take it again ever ever ever. It's a drug from the Dark Side. The first time (when I ripped ligaments in my leg?) I felt a growing spooky detachment that came from -- I didn't know. It went away, which I was heartily glad about. A couple of years (I suppose) later I had some other horrible thing that the doctor prescribed Vioxx for. I began feeling that awful detachment again, realised that it was caused by the Vioxx, and stopped taking it immediately. The detached feeling went away. Even if the ban was for another reason, I'm sure the evilness of Vioxx goes through and through, and it's all related. What if someone were, say, a leader of the Western world and was on Vioxx -- feeling all detached -- and decided that going to war for no reason was fine? Uh... oh, yeah, we'd be in the same situation as we are in now.

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