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15 November 2004

Anji wrote:
"Ryan is a funny boy. He is such a good helper. He thought the TV clicker (remote) needed a clean. It took me by surprise when I was emptying the dishwasher and found the clicker stuck to the heating element. It had melted. But it was clean.

Caitlin is doing well at school. She will be going to grade 2 next year. We weren’t sure if she’d have to do grade one again...because of her age and the different system. Her grade 2 books have been ordered so there’s no turning back. Her class is doing swimming lessons every Wednesday morning. She’s in the top group, not so much for swimming ability (which she isn’t bad at) but because she’ll put her face in the water. The lower groups are for kids who wouldn’t swim across the pool, but waded, and those who wouldn’t put their face in the water. I found it had to believe that many kids Caitlin’s age can’t swim. I was under the impression it was a prerequisite for living in Queensland.

Yesterday I (as it’s all about me isn’t it), went to the horse races at Doomben - a track in Brisbane. Though the Brisbane races were pretty ordinary (but still betting friendly), the Melbourne races, which were shown on the big screen, were as good as you can get anywhere. So most people where more interested in those races. The crowd at Doomben was nothing to match the 112,000 that turned up at Flemington (Melbourne) but vocal none the less. It was a great day out, despite the terrible weather. No rain, but strong wind and cold. Most ladies were wearing frocks (many could classify theirs as a long top that just covered the bottom area) and so were quite chilly. But several beverages later and one did not notice the cold too much. No, not me, I didn’t drink much...them days are over my friends. I am becoming a bore, didn’t drink (much), didn’t bet (much). Just enjoyed the day out with friends (Di and BJ, Jan and Batty, and a host of Di’s friends), having a good laugh, a bit of a banter and relaxing without children. Back to reality today. I had made a hat to wear but decided it was really tacky and left it at home. I had spent several hours on this hat, and just went overboard...what ever happened to less is more. In my case it was the more the merrier and the merrier turned frightening. Steve stayed home with the kids and watched the races on the box. I think it’s the first time he hasn’t been at Derby Day for 10 years. I think he was sad. Craig B. had his Bucks turn at Flemington yesterday. We haven’t heard how it went. But there hasn’t been any thing in the news to say there was illegal activity going on ....we will have to wait and see though, anything is possible with Craig and his cronies...ha...just kidding."

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