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12 December 2004

Got up at 10am which is too early since I went to be at 4. At about 3:30 I was in Navora and ran into Stephen, who was the fellow I TPed to the genprim demonstration last week. I had mentioned him to Pirate, and now he's making weapons and building monsters with Mark. He showed me the monster they're working on, and asked me if I could understand something Mark had said to him about the eyebrows. However, it made no more sense to me than to Stephen. I tried to sit on the monster but couldn't. He's having trouble catching Pirate online as they are at opposite ends of the clock.
Tidied up a wee bit as my bottom-of-the-house neighbor was supposed to be bringing 2 artists over at 2, but they never came (which was ok except I like to know ahead of time one way or the other). I worked on the evil science project form for Cornell. I'd email Mr. Monster the other day with my idea for how it could be done. I rang him today and we discussed it a bit. I can't produce content (I'm not there to get people to write reports or make graphs even supposing I had a clue about it anyway) but I am the queen of form. I can see it in my head (I can always see anything I'm doing like this), and my big main thing that I will have to struggle to attain is that the freaking thing NOT BE BORING. I see that the most used solutions to problems are the easiest and most boring. Like: we have to present information so let's make a long straight line of boring SIGNS. I did the form and sent it to MrM, and he will change whatever he wants changed and send it to The Mentors. We had to sign up for a community event thing.

Did some other things... went to the Olde London sim as it's coming down this week.

I fogot to say -- I signed up for the winter exhibition thing that the Lindens are putting on at the ski lodge. I spent some hours working on my scene even though I don't know how much space or how many prims we can use (but it's all building experience even if I have to start over). My scene is (in holiday traditions category) a decorated xmas tree askew in its stand. The carpet around it is strewn with broken ornaments and shredded wrapping paper, and a cat lies there sleeping peacefully.

This was a holiday tradition when I was growing up, anyway. Every morning the tree would have to be shoved back up. We always hung the fragile ornaments on the upper tree, and the unbreakable things on the lower tree, as they wound up being cat toys. Sometimes the cats managed to bring the tree down. Well, maybe once.
I spent hours in sandboxes, and it was amazing that people kept talking to me when I wasn't really there. I met a noob boy and sent him to Backstage, which he came back from to report on its awesomeness. Actually I met several noob boys who were looking for people to do things with. I was busy, but I gave one boy (who had three guns on) a whole folder of weapons (which I gave to him 3 times - he couldn't find it - but he will eventually). I tried to send him to Jessie (war sim). It's hard work trying to get rid of people.
I found this game in Island Sandbox just now:

I met Bub Linden the other day and he gave me some shirts. This is Osprey wearing a shirt from Bub, having altered her look to be in keeping stylistically.

I told Enj the other day to make a sepia-toned photo of Enjah's ancestors to hang over the mantel in her new house, and she might do it. I thought it would be a good idea for a photo-studio business.

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