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01 April 2005

The big news at Second Life today was the release of 1.6 which gave streaming video capabilities to us. It also gave some new building abilities -- I spent last night noodling around in Newcomb sandbox building a little house for fun that started with my admiration of many years standing for Luis Barragan. I noticed a misalignment as I was preparing to log off, but thought I'd wait until today, and 1.6 to fix it. 1.6 lets one edit a linked prim!! w00t! So I waited one day and then because of that new capability it was fixed in a snap. I went to see the elves new sim, and was very kindly shown all around by Way and For. They've only been working for about a day and the things they've done are incredible. They were so nice -- I like them both a lot. Then Shan called me and TPed me away to a gathering. She introduced me to her new SL-mate. Then I ate dinner... then I went to a movie demonstration. I got a good laugh out of this:

We're all inside one hugely complex program sitting there watching Hercules on the big screen. It made me laugh since some things we do in SL are just silly - why read a book inside SL? Why sit there and passively watch a movie? I'm sure there'll be other uses besides porn and cheesy movies, and it does seem kind of exciting... except I haven't watched TV since the 1980s (except when at someone's house) and it would be ironic if I sit in front of my computer in order to watch streaming video inside SL. Functioned well with a lot of people in attendance; I should've spent a minute looking at the debug menu but in any case there was no lag.

Weird crud happening at school.

JC called me today and told me the board wants me to work as long as I want to - that I should be the one to decide. That's really very supportive.

Did the pow wow webpages and sent it all by email to Mike. Hope he gets it into the correct folder. The last batch of virtual world things were in the wrong one for a week. That held me up a bit. It's a sore point to me that I can't ftp for school. I have to get on the ridiculous server and plonk the things in the folders myself, or give remote commands. Bites.

No JMan or Vince for the WHL world as they were at the sweats. And JC called me when I was halfway into a discussion about community events wirh Leslie and Montrose so I missed a bit but not much. Alina was off doing her citizenship oath thing. Leslie had showed me photos from her spring break in Puerto Rico so we talked a little about that. Alina and Leslie are at Cornell and meet us inworld to work on Wa He Lut world.

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