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14 April 2005

Just got home - had a jin shin appointment, a hair appointmentt with my beloved haircutters, and went grocery shopping and did my recycling. The hair appointment was hilarious and fun - Sean is very funny and Troy F. came in for a haircut with Kevin, so I wound up laughing until I couldn't see straight.

It was sunny when I left home, but through the powers of concentration (me thinking, "Damnable sunshine! It must rain!) it's now raining. Yes, it's true - I control the universe and I don't have a license.

Yesterday I went to my beloved garage and had an oil change and talked to them about leaving Sha for them to go over with a fine-tooth comb. They checked the brakes at my behest and I STILL don't need brakes, which I can hardly credit. It's the everlasting brake pads, apparently. The wreckers who towed my car there when my battery exploded two years ago are now running their business from the same spot - in the office next to the car men. They have some really very nice wreckers - I used to sightsee every time I drove by their old place.

Yesterday in Second Life I was working on my tents in Newcomb sandbox (no scripts - so I can't get shot) when a new Linden came over. She was very nice but reminded me I wasn't allowed to sell things in a sandbox - which I wasn't doing but I'd set the permissions to "sell" on the originasl tent, so they were all for sale. I changed them all (unticked a box), and went back to work. I sent a few tents to For and she IMed and said she and Way loved them. She asked me how much for an open-perm copy and I just sent tents for nothing because it would be fun to see the tents actually being used for something. She made me an elf so I can go to their open house on Saturday.

As I got tired I wound up messing up one tent three times - accidentally made the whole thing have a rock texture, then I laboriously fixed it all but for one surface and accidentally made it all walnut. Then I made it all blank. I finally got it the way I wanted it, but being weak/twitchy and everything else in my right hand (building is a two-handed job which makes it very difficult for me) made an hour's job out of something that should've taken about ten minutes. I was pleased with the tents, though, and took screenshots so I could list them on Enj came by and tried to use a vehicle which didn't work. I somehow didn't put it together that we were in a no-script zone - I was still thinking tent textures I reckon - anyway Cubey came and said, "Do you know you're in a no-script zone?" Ha! Enj is a woman of action and did about 30 things while I was still dipping my bread in my tents. We flew up and parachuted down into Goguen, she made a whacky vehicle we rode around on, we looked at ahkenaton G.'s huge space ship in Goguen with suburban houses ghosted onto it (there were several ghosted avatars flying in one spot over the sandbox, too, at least for me), talked to a noob who wanted to be invisible (his name tag and footshadows were visible as well as his green map dot). I don't want invisible people, actually. The green map dots are difficult - you can go and see what people are doing when they wish for privacy (because you can go to where the map dots are), but they also allow you to see if someone is near you. There is stalker trouble in SL (like everywhere), but at least you are able to see, now, if someone is close by, even if they are hiding.

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