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18 May 2005

Holy moley, long day at work, but it was very productive despite the fact that there were 10 people printmaking in my space all day. I have a headache from the ink and heat, and the printer needed a new drum kit and a cyan toner cartridge, but the Lushootseed page, traditional ways page, grade 3 and grade 3 activities pages, kitchen id cards, grade 6 (to finish the run), cover, back page, and autograph page all got printed. I have to do the art page, finish the staff page, and decide what I can do with the wretched sports -- I may make a page that has various highlights like the performance group, volleyball team pix, that sort of thing. Skunk came in and gave me another big project - ANOTHER (the third) poster. This one is double sided. I did the front just now. I MAY go in to school next Tuesday, as next week is the do-or-die week for the yearbook. Tiff (thank you, Tiff!) is going to collate it all and take it to wherever I specify to be bound. I know she doesn't want to go to the place I want her to go to, though, so I might go with the closer (but lesser quality, to my mind) place to which we have the Keys to the Kingdom... I mean a credit card.
I feel like my sinuses are going to peel off and explode.

I popped into Second Life for no reason. I just rented, in partnership with Enjah, the upper apartment at The Brownstone East because I had an idea or 500 and required it. I want to have space for the results of photography contests using the backdrops in the Photography Studio, and I want a shop selling weird artist's products, probably using temp-on-rez holographic vendors because it would save prims and look better than ordinary vendors (which look horrid). Selador came to see Enjah's studio the other day, and we wound up in Cafe Jack, having met a neighbor who is a storyteller. We twisted her arm to get her to write a 15 minute play for Eileen McTeague to perform on the stage there (actually there was no twisting involved, but it sounds fierce and tough to say that). Eileen will perform there in a month or whenever we get a play. I tried to enlist Sel as an actor but he became temp-on-rez and disappeared at the thought.

Last night I logged in for a moment, and was IMed by a woman who had asked me to make a custom outfit a couple of days ago. I'd sent it to her and asked her to acknowledge receipt, but she hadn't received the folder. She asked me what it was that I was sending, and I said outfitX that she'd ordered. She said, "OMG LOL" She'd forgotten in about a day. Time is odd in Second Life. A day is about a week, perhaps.

I then went to see Psi build his house - need to go back and check it out. His first build! I don't think he's taken a building class - that might've been useful.

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