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30 June 2005

Went to jin shin, then, said to Frank, "I was going to go grocery shopping but I think I'll just... go home." he agreed that it would be the best course. Went home and fell asleep immediately (with odd dreams). That was perhaps 10am. Woke up at 2:06 and leapt up to go listen to Looper on public radio ( - The Beat) which I did - missed the front bit (as it turns out I missed perhaps a minute) but I hope I can catch up to it. Felt very crumby and dopey. Read the SL forum for about 2.3 minutes. Read a thread about SL begging, then logged in and received a begging IM from a stranger: hello, may i borrow $L 100 for texture uploads, im trying to make a car and i need loads of custom textures ill give you the car when its finished as a thankyou for letting me borrow $l100 of you, is this ok? Me: No (closes IM)
Standing there feeling dopey when I realised I had an IM from Enjah. She sent me The River Horse, in RL, which I received late yesterday, and am enjoying although I'm only on page 25. It's a Wm Least Heat Moon book. I remember being in a bookshop years ago with a friend who was looking for Blue Highways, and fumed when she found it under the author's name alphabetised under "Heat."

In SL: I am needing to beat myself about the head so I get the zookeeper outfit done. I have some kind of block. I suppose. Well, I don't like the color... they wouldn't care if I changed their color, though. It's modern? Maybe that's it. I tried to make myself work on it yesterday and wound up spending hours organising files. Heh. /me is bad.

I had a brilliant idea (brilliant idea du jour) and so took off skating around Nova Albion. I have to think more about it.

In addition to strawberry, raspberry, watermelon hats, carrot bag, radish backpack, Enjah has made a pea bag, which is awesomely cool, too.

After receiving spam notecards and emails to the tune of about 50 or so, I made a screenshot from my inbox and sent in to Web, who responded immediately, saying, "When Enjah told me you'd been spammed I thought it was just the normal thing!" The horse loaner "spams" as it counts down to its disappearing time - no, this was not that. This was being assaulted by ten notecards one after another every few days, with minor assaults of 4 or 5 notecards in between. He told me it wasn't supposed to do that, and deleted his kiosks. I haven't been spammed since, which is good. The funny part was when he asked if I had the notecard, and I said, "Let me see," and opened my inventory to a huge long line of his notecards (I thought i'd discarded them all but apparently there were more than I knew).

Enjah laughing that "ho ho ho" laugh whilst watching her horses misbehave at Faded Reality, where we had houses briefly (before it all got wiped). It was fun while it lasted. I had to IM someone who'd left eyeballs all over the Photo Studio (upstairs for picture-taking purposes). He came right away, then told me about his tubular coaster thingy he had set up temporarily in the sandbox at - Faded Reality. Went and played around there for a bit - had to get much taller so it would work, then the next day forgot to resize right away. The next day was the awards ceremony - Eileen McTeague gave awards, and Madwand (the coaster dude) got an award. The first place was a really thoughtful one:

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