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16 September 2005

First Life

NO email from Alex telling me he had the drawings and I could drive in to get them. That is... hmmm... well, not helpful. I was waiting for the rest of the drawings before I asked an outside artist, but I wound up going ahead and asking SWMNBMIMB to come tomorrow. We had planned to meet anyway, and she has a lot of tech information to find out about a presentation she's giving, some of which I can help with. She promises me photos from my ex-student's wedding (her son), which is good.

Red ring around the moon. It's fabulously beautiful outside - the moon reflected in the lake.

Second Life

Enjah's in Idaho, so things are not quite as much fun as usual. Her son had open heart surgery on Tuesday - valve replacement - due to an infection. He came through all right, thank heavens.
Let's see... I keep going to SuperNova to vote on the resident-made SL trailers - which I've watched and were good. I didn't want to vote surrounded by the filmmakers (two times), then the voting machine was clogged (now mended), and now I should go and do it. I started making films when I first got here - partly reflex as I had done a ton of video for years, until I got too feeble, etc. I used to teach the children to make animation movies and we had a blast. They'd edit them, adding sound, special effects, titles, etc., on the computer. After we lost our little movie studio room (where we could leave things out) things got really tough. We had to share the room with Skunky, and that meant everything was touched and moved and broken and taken. Then we stopped making movies entirely. I've been thinking about reviving the practice. Might.

Mr. Monster emailed me that we are back in the Cornell virtual worlds program. I keep twisting my brain trying to figure out how this is happening - Mr. Monster doesn't teach 7th, now - he has 5th. The program is really for high school children, I had thought. We had a tough time with 7th-8th graders. Are we now going to have 5th graders? Dunno, dunno.
Oops - that was the other life.

I meant to say I have thought about the movie-making aspect of Second Life and unless I get a great idea that won't let me rest, I am happy not doing video anymore. It was fine, it was good. Still images, though - I'm obsessed by those. I get interested periodically in animated texture, too (like the static-y TVs in Burning Life).

Angel S had a look in the cave, which was nice. She said, "The trunk's empty!" I accidentally ran into a stranger in there, too - someone who'd just bought some things from me at another store. She must've read my profile.

I made a letter to Osprey and put it in the trunk. An old envelope, that it. I have a vague idea of doing something... a coupon?... as a little hidden thing people can find... not sure how to do it, though. I could just make a free outfit... well, I will have to think.

Odil L startled me by jokingly telling me I'm so talented that if I weren't so nice she'd hate me. Am I nice? I try to be reasonable. I have learnt by experience that a moment's hot temper will be regretted for ages. That must be the wisdom that comes from being a bazillion years old.

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