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28 September 2005

A lot of things going on in SL - the only one I care about is that Cubey is retiring. I wish him well. Cubey started way back in the long ago days and wound up setting the standard for aircraft and submarines. He has a wonderful sense of style, and has added to SL in many ways that don't all add up to content creation by any means. He's had an aura of disheartenment floating around his forum posts for a while. I hope he just gets a secret alt and does things purely for fun, out of the spotlight. My hat's off to you, Cubey!

My Cubey Ornithopter

Also - originally the Linden was just play money for inworld use. The Linden Lab asked two players to make an exchange outside of SL so the L could be traded for USD. They did, the GOM, and it worked well, but many, many players didn't realise there was a way to buy L if they wished to buy something. Many players won't go outside to buy currency even if they know they can. Linden Lab announced they would begin to offer within the interface a way for residents to sell or buy from each other - something that seems like it will be a good thing, but which was regarded as LL stabbing players in the back and recreating their project. The original exchange - and those men have been really good, honest, trustworthy businessmen - decided to close their business and told everyone so, adding that they'd allow time for everyone to get their L out even if they stopped trading. It's hard to argue with the disheartened founders, but many see the closing as unnecessary as they believe many people would have, by choice, continued using the service. Economics is horrible. In this case it might be to the L benefit to be traded less than openly.

Meanwhile the L has taken a nosedive, freefalling in the panic space between the announcement and the opening of the SL UI exchange. The drop began a little while ago, and it seemed that the GOM redesign that queued buying actually helped it drop. Originally one would post the amount of L for sale at, say, 4.00/1000L. There was a long list of sell orders. A buyer could buy any of those sell lots, but couldn't buy just part of one. This encouraged things like volume discount. If one wanted 1000L one might pay a high price, but if one needed 100,000L the price was lower. GOM changed to a way they felt was more convenient for sellers/buyers: post your sell order and it goes in with all other L of that price. The sellers in first sold first, the later ones sold in order. Buyers chose, not a lot size, but a price. That's my understanding, anyway - if I'm wrong (wouldn't be the first time) someone set me straight.

I think that the L will straighten out at some point and that people should not get their knickers in a twist over this. I do have to wonder if rival currency exchangers dumped a lot of L on GOM to purposefully destroy the business. I guess if they did it worked.

Meanwhile Enjah has disappeared and I'm a bit worried...

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