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29 September 2005

Today I went to jin shin, came home for half an hour, then went off to my dentist's place for a checkup. She wasn't there - I told them to tell it was ok ONCE in... well 15 years or more, but not to do it again. She went fly-fishing, they said. I had my nice usual fang scraper, and things were good although I admitted I've been lax for about the past two years. "I'm only human!" They accepted that, especially since things were fine anyway. The OTHER dentist came in and told me things looked good (I had her fooled) but told me I have to go and get a place in my cheek I bit one day checked out. Rats! More work! She thought it would be best (since work just changed their insurance) to use it as a way to check out the new plan, rather than have her send me to an oral surgeon as she said, "Usually medical is better than dental insurance and this is not a tooth." She was insistant as it's her gig - she sees things like lumps mutate into not nice things all the time. I said OK and if it didn't work out I'd ask for a referral at my next dental checkup.

Then I did 4-bags-full of grocery shopperama-ing, drove home and threw it all in the fridge (or wherever it belonged). It's raining - was raining heavily last night, too. Of course, every year when it rains after a dry period there are a bazillion car crashes. I know not why that happens in this area, but it does, every year.

I've been playing phone tag with the school photographer but finally got him. I'd had the message to call him on Tuesday. Every year we get a CD all the school photos on them. Last year we got a CD with about 25% of the photos - so I had poor Rosanne take pictures of everyone in the school. Well, you can't have 10 kids in September shots and 10 kids in March shots - they look totally different. Last year, I should add, the photographer's studio changed hands. Anyway, he thought at first I needed or wanted something different or special - I had to say, "No - I just need exactly what you sent me only with all the photos on it, not just a few." Meh. He asked me what company we use for our yearbook. I said we do it ourselves - apparently most schools go the crap route of canned yearbooks. Meh. I don't understand having low standards - why bother?

I talked to Tiff yesterday. The beloved dog of bf Brad from Arizona (who is living with her while he builds a house - it's too complicated to explain at this point but as Tiff says, "It was my idea.") has become so elderly it has no poo control. As someone from the country I have difficulty understanding why people keep animals going past the time at which they would naturally have kicked the bucket. It could be part of the extreme fear thing I see all round me - people clinging to their animals as though they are stuffed toys. I'm not meaning Brad and his dog, actually - since I've never met Brad's dog. I have known some extreme examples, though, and it just brought them to mind. I knew a woman who kept her old point-to-point horse alive with liver injections and the like because she just could not let go. Alive - well, barely - and an ancient, infirm horse is a very sad thing to see.

I wrote this then it disappeared. I hit "recover post" and half of it came back - the first time ever that anything good came from that button! w00t!

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