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12 November 2005

Anji sends news of her family at least once a month, and in the current email she says:
(I left out the dates as it doesn't matter)

"I Went to a scrap booking party. For those who don’t know what this is: it’s where you sit around a table with other people talking rubbish while you chop up some precious photos and stick then on another bit of paper and then add decorations to make it look gaudy all for the cost of $10...that’s how much I have to pay to make friends. Ryan, while I was shredding, sat on the couch and watched Hi-5. He mustn’t have paid his $10. The other children ran around like maniacs having a great time.

Caitlin and Ryan went to Meg’s 3rd birthday party. She lives across the road. It was a princess and prince party. Caitlin was a beautiful princess and Ryan went as prince Batman. They had a lovely time. Ryan was most excited to be given a lolly bag...

Caitlin’s talk at school today was on 'Jobs you do at home'. She has to talk about the jobs she does at home and the jobs she could do at home. If she were to do all the jobs she said she did then we’d have to pay her a king’s ransom. There was so many jobs that she said she did do that there wasn’t much left to write on the jobs that she could do. When asked ‘when do you do these jobs’ she answered...’ I don’t have to do them all the time, just sometimes’. So once a year is enough criteria in her opinion. Meanwhile, in the swimming pool, Ryan is doing a great job with his swimming. Steve took Caitlin to Athletics. Circuit, hurdles and shot put. I’ll have to remember to put the times and distances next time. She is now an official paying member. # 194 She has the club shirt and the bits and bobs that have to be sewn on. Lucky she has a mum with a nice new sewing machine. It seems to rain every Friday these days. It’s too wet for Ryan to go. He would have to go in his togs.

Ryan and I went to the indoor play center before swimming with the swimming group. The most torrential rain was falling and so ½ of Brisbane was at the play centre. It was so loud with kids and rain of the roof we left almost deaf. Ryan’s mates at swimming are Phoenix, Jake, Joseph and Emily. It rained all day so Little athletics was cancelled...except the water polo. We had Mc’ Rotten’s for dinner. Steve had a big work lunch to farewell his favourite crony Matt (aka..Steve’s drinking friend) who has since gone to work in Qatar for 3 years... I knew it would be a big day for them, but I didn’t expect him to ring up at 11.30pm and say ‘I fell asleep on the train...i’m in Beenleigh’...which is about 40ks south of Brisbane..(we live 12k north/westish) So he must have got all the way to Ferny Grove station the first time (asleep) and then the train turned around (not literally), went back to town and onward. He got home at 1.30am. Funny ay!?"

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