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06 December 2005

At school two older girls came in and said they needed me to help them make a poster, so they did it with me instructing them. Turned out fine and they worked well despite not being familiar with Photoshop. I had five minutes then Sabra and Cheyenne came in and finished their card projects. Very nice work. Sabra said, "I wish I had art every day," which was nice. They asked me about next week, so I told them next week it's back to the comic strip, but then we'll take another little break in the form of making business cards. S said, "What would they say: Have a nice day at work?" I said no, not greeting cards for business, but little cards with their names. Oooh! Then I went into fifth grade and beat on them in the virtual world. They are doing excellently well. Alina wanted to teach them about bump-warping, but they are just getting the hang of building and aren't ready to move on.

I, all of a sudden yesterday, got irate about our crap computers at school, and today thought up a plan. Since the computer lab is gone we need to go wireless and have a cart with laptops that someone (Alex) would take to classrooms to teach the children the basics. I was talking to Tiff on the phone yesterday and laughed that she has turned into the tech-planner even though she's not exactly highly tech-oriented and she doesn't actually work for the school anymore. She was at a tech plan meeting today at Leschi - heh. I emailed her and told her my plan and asked where we could get the money. I'm serious - this bugs the hell out of me. If I weren't so useless and feeble I'd drag the school out of this tech malaise by the scruff of the neck. I always thought it would've been more useful to buy new computers ever few years rather than paying someone to maintain them. Every summer they should've had a complete clean, then every 3 years they should've been raffled off to our families or something. Or given to the graduating 8th graders so they could actually do their homework in their next school. I didn't know how bad it was since I'm not in the classrooms, usually. Going in 5th grade, though, I see that they have one Win95, 2 Win98, and an XP. That is sending the wrong message to our children.

Deborah is here from Philadelphia to straighten some Elizabeth things out. I've been staying out of the email loop when it comes to the circle of friends and my sister who are trying to manage E, as it just makes me feel guilty and upset. I can't do anything - I would if I could. Consequently I knew Deborah was coming but the "when" part hadn't made its way into my brain. She didn't call me - but when I called today she said, "I didn't know you don't read your emails. I thought you knew I was here." Oh, well. I'm just trying to survive.

I asked Mr. Monster to pick a painting that they would like to keep from the ones of mine at the Montrose house, then bring the rest to me so that people who want to buy paintings can see the entire array.

In Second Life Enjah, Forcythia, and I went to roller derby practise race, which was fun. Then we put on our tintable roller derby suits, got Wayfinder to join us, and skated around for a few minutes.

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