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17 December 2005

Looper rang me up to say hi and check on me as my blog is stale. It's not like me to neglect my blog, but I've been busy, for some reason.

I will try to reconstruct my week. Let me see...

Monday - Dorb was going to give me a jin shin treatment, so I asked her to ring Frank and find out what he had done as it had been good, and obviously what we'd dopne Thursday was NOT good. He said do X DO NOT do Y. Oh course, it was the dreaded Y that had wreaked havok on Thursday. Anyway, the jin shin was all right. Frank is much better and came in fror a bit.

There was another griefer attack of self-replicating physical objects let loose with the intent of bringing down the grid. The Lindens caught it very fast, but there was something that went a bit awry about the clean up and entire sims were accidentally denuded. Grignano was one. The buildings were gone, and stray objects floated in space. In this picture Fidget and other things I have inside the Brownstone East look odd with no building around them. LL did a rollback on the affected sims, which fixed the problem. A long day for LL and the update to 1.8 is planned for Tuesday - another long day.

Tuesday - Went in to school and, it turned out, Alan had brought in his CTCUNI papers. He's the older student who asked Alex if he could do the virtual world project, and Alex asked me. I was dubious as Alan is not exactly interested in working or even being nice, so I said, "Tell him this will be a trial, and that he needs to get the papers signed and brought back right away." I had him at 2, so I couldn't go into the fifth grade classroom, but just met them. After about three minutes Alan asked if he could go to his classroom. I said, "You'll have one more chance next week, that's it." I now have him scheduled at 11, so I don't have to neglect my younger students.
Cheyenne worked on her cmic strip. Sabra was absent.
Saw Tiff. What else...

Went home and we had a roller derby with practise and general free for all. That was fun. Enjah has done some serious leveling up since then, but will be in Virginia when we have our first match-up with... um Rolling Thunder, I think. We are the Grignano Bombardiers (were the Bombettes but that doesn't leave us an option for male team members).

After that I finally had a chance to go home and look at Bodega Bay's rippling water. Ah! Very pretty! 1.8 has been quite a smooth update, and now we have p2p teleporting and ripples, inworld classifieds, new in 1.7, are now ranked-by-bid with the starting price being 50L.

Wednesday - The Winter Festival started. I have a little build there, and also got the photo contest awards ceremony listed in the official events. There was a bonfire and lots of people were there - before I got there Philip announced that LL is turning over the global-attack griefers information to the FBI.

Thursday - jin shin with Frank - yay! I went to Orca Books to get something, then went grocery shopping.

Friday - had an event to get more entries for the contest. I was contacted about a commission, which I decided to take on. I was swimming in Chaos then got into a long IM with the customer. Ashen and Surreal came up to talk to me while I was a zombie, asking me what brought me to their neck of the woods - I said I went to Chaos a lot, usually skating. Chaos is a post-human city, which appeals to me.

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