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17 January 2006

Went to school - had absolute wall-to-wall graphics jobs dumped on me, which is good - well a bit much all at once. Me: When you you need this - tomorrow? (joking) Skunk: We were hoping for Thursday. Me: ! Also a buffalo roast-alumni dinner poster (needed by Tuesday), new transportation employee ID cards, T shirt designs (the ones I did last week turned out fine), and something else... or maybe a few things...

Rang the photo people to try to track down the school photo cd, and Lubbock, Texas to get shipping costs for a transfer order. Cheyenne did a comic strip where Harry (her character), who is a 6-armed, beret-wearing, twirling, pointy, big-headed... entity, goes to Sabra's character (Miranda? Melinda?) bearing a gift. She exclaims something like For me? and takes it, slamming the door in his face.

The entire fifth grade was in class (wasn't supposed to be - most were to've been in Native Language) so I made a lightning decision to do the scavenger hunt. The 3 teams, bear, wolf, raven, got VERY involved and it was great. The time went quickly. Bear Team won. I think everyone had a good time.

Brenda asked me to take a student, so I said I would. I will put her to work on the yearbook. Hilsey came in to ask for a poster, trailing a little boy who was in some kind of trouble. She wants him to "learn to laugh at himself," to which he replied several times, "I HATE laughing at myself." I ordered him to get a piece of paper and draw something. He started out with two people inside huge fanged jaws, then erased the teeth and made it into a trampoline that the people bounced on to reach a water slide. I said I'd put it on my fridge. His name is Stikaiye, which means wolf - also was the name of a school dog we had years ago that became ill. I took him to the vet then home, but ... well, anyway, he was a gorgeous dog and I'll never forget him. I had to take him back to the vet to be put down the next day, and he was so clever that he recognised the vet's place, as the vet had been so nice to him - and went joyfully in.

I came home starving to death and ate, then spent about 4 hours working on the pow wow poster. I took time out to go and see the new Elf Clan sim - Elven Moor. We wound up all jumping in a giant bowl of cheerios. Someone asked me how I do my clothing, which I said I draw in Photoshop after thinking it up in my brain. Actually I make it in Photoshop using just my left hand on the mouse even though I'm right-handed, so it's EVEN HARDER. I am hearing on the forum that some people think they can't compete with good clothing-makers unless they have a tablet - which is pishtosh. I think it's more what you have in your brain. It would certainly be nice to have my right hand back, though.

I wanted to work on the Combat Card but I'm so freakin' tired I can't even go to bed.

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