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21 February 2006

Blogger SWEARS they have fixed the problem, so I will try to post. Um...

I was composing blog entries as I drove to work - the frustrations of a blogger. Now I'm too pooped to write much - continuing with my lousy week of weakness.

At school Donna came to class, and I set her to sorting and renaming the school photographs. I let her have the camera at 2:40, which may mean I never see it again - however I need someone to do yearbook things so it it's a risk I will have to take. No Sabra as she went to Disney World. Cheyenne started the Grade 5 yearbook page. Skunk came in to hang, then came back later with some graphics work for me. One thing I managed to complete between finishing up in the virtual world and leaving - well it made me stay later than I would have, but I was happy to finish it. Montrose told me his power had been out on Friday, too, but had not come on until late.

Kimberly gave me the drawings I asked her to have the children do. Ack - absolute crap. It's hard for a new person to come in and get the goods, I know - but I see no respect in allowing people to do mediocre work. Any student must be held to high standards or you are not doing him or her a favor. I told Kimberly it was up to her (and up to me when I'm doing it) to light up their imaginations.

Enjah and I named our Takos and she made a sail - I made a spinnaker. I was going for 11 on the drabness meter. That green was actually the result of the "color random" command, but it's my fave puke green (which I hardly ever use in SL as someone else likes it). I like random, so I could just randomise the color every time I sail. I named my Tako "Osprey" - well just made sense. Enjah called hers "Enjah." I can always change it if I think of a better name.

When we were sailing with Kanker he said "Flying Tako" is a play on words as "tako" in Japanese means both octopus and kite. I left my Tako logo intact as I like it. The spinnaker might benefit from being a bit lighter. Looks too contrasty.

My landlord was here this morning but left before I could even say hello.

The other day I did a wee graphics job for Looper, desaturating a photo (of her for the APR) and adding some old mechanical drawing on top of her just to add interest.

I'm tired of having my food all go weird when my power's off. I have some strange refrigerator things happening at the moment. There are some things in there that... well... are dead. Long dead.

I was waiting for the SL update before tackling the HUD as there is a HUD improvement - I wanted to see if the Combat Cards HUD is clearer. The update has been put off, however, until the 1st of March. I just noticed, too, that Hamlet put my Christmas card (falling snow, message: it's a HUD!) in his hud expo which he told me he was going to do, but which I'd not seen before - who knows why. Hamlet is going indy starting next month - that will be different, I'm sure. From embedded journalist employed by Linden Lab to independent writer who has focussed his career on virtual life - Hamlet is, like, on the cutting edge, man.

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