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18 February 2006

February 18th - lost post recovered from my webhost

I'd post it at that date but the change-o date function inexplicably went missing a few months ago. <-- But I looked through Opera and it shows that capability when in Firefox I can't see it, so now the post is back to the 18th!

When the roofer came to survey the roof damage I expected to see him again. Now I hear from my landlord that he and Frieda are coming down to take a look and do various things. It sounds as though he thought the roof repair estimate was too high and is going to tackle it himself... which does not seem a good idea to me. But, I will say, that would be entirely in character.
For some reason Blogger keeps eating posts that were previously published and on the blog. O, unhappy occurrance. Now I'm afraid to add posts as it deletes the previous ones.

Here are 3 from the 17th and 18th:

Well, my power just came on about 2 minutes ago. It went out while I was sleeping last night. It's supposed to go down to nine degrees or something, so I'm ecstatic that it's on now.

The lights are flickering. Damnation.

The important Combat Cards event was that Philip came for a demo. Luckily I couldn't be there (hate the limelight). Doc and I had worked on setting things up on Wednesday, and (I am cutting out a lot of information that no one cares about) he also spent ages on Thursday. The demo went well, which is grand. P had some interesting thoughts and seemed genuinely interested in the idea.

I rang the computer shop that I always have build my computers. Me: Hi, I'm your valued customer (that's how they always refer to me). I have a gig of ram and now I want another gig of ram. Man: OK. What are your specs? Me: It's in your system. Man: That's not as easy to pull up as you might think. Me: ? Man: (3 seconds later) You have blah blah blah. Me: Yeah. Man: Oh that's easy then. Me: K. When and how much? Man: I can't answer your questions. Me:? Man: Maybe sometime next week. I don't make the schedules. I can't say how much. Not as much as you paid for the original gig in 2004 as the price has gone down. I'll pass your order along. Me: Thank you very much.

Good thing I have totally weird priorities and inability to deal with objects otherwise I'd have to scratch my head at that. Anyway, onward and upward. I can't wait for anything ever, now, as I only have this current moment and there's no guarantees for the future (say tomorrow or an hour from now). And no, no one has a guarantee, however they have a statistical probability of a future.

Looper is set on a course to get a helper dog from the women's prison. The dog is named Dobby. From that I will deduce that Harry Potter is popular in women's prisons. Years ago I met a woman - an artist - who had run art programs in women's prisons. She described the inmates minutely. The lifers spent their time crocheting tiny baby booties in mute longing. It is a sad thing to think about.

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