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15 February 2006

St Valentine's Day

A great day - all day long.

Logged in to Second Life for a few minutes before I went to work - saw the SL sun had been replaced by a candy heart which said "I Do." The slogans changed throughout the day on both the sun and moon.

I went to work - Donna didn't come to class but had the camera. I was annoyed and told Alex she needed to give it back since she seemed like she wasn't coming to class. I regretted (a bit) laying it on him, but then later Donna came and gave me the camera and apologised. I like her - she needs to come to school and be there for class, though, or she's not going to use my camera. As I told her the first day, "You can take your own pictures too -- as long as you take the ones for the yearbook." I don't want things to not be fun - however my fun counts, too.

My two little girls made various things in various graphics programs. Kimberly came and gave then large bags of candy (I just kept my mouth shut). Later she gave me a HUGE basket of all kinds of things like chocolate and candies and fake roses and a pink bath set , etc. It was a nice gesture but over the top. It was all fabulousy wrapped up in heart-y cellophane with a fabric rose on the top. The entire school was awash in candy. I just... oh, well. Anyway, Tiff was there and made me lunch to take home. She brought Jack in to say hello, which was nice. In the virtual world we tried another run-through for the scavenger hunt. I am so horrid at explaining how I wanted it to work that it was confusing for Montrose. I TRIED to explain... It's my weak link - I'm a rotten explainer. the girls were great - I mean the mentors in N.Y. They had the image clues ready. Of course, dealing with a classroom full of sugary children was bizarre. Then all the girls left for a basketball game. One of the computers was behaving badly - I told Alina and she advised me to tell Queen Bee, as QB might be able to arrange for help from IBM. Now THAT would be nice.

I printed off contact sheets of the school photographs. Then I got most of the teachers to write names, etc. by them, so we can begin the yearbook in earnest. The pictures have backgrounds that are all different colors. I am horrified. I thought that stupid blue year after year in the old pictures was bad enough, but this is... insane. It would be fine if all 4th grade were maroon, all 1st were blue, say. But no. We have a nasty mosaic of colors in each class.

Came home and found a nice email I'd been hoping for - I had bought an account and it was transferred to me by LL. I guess it's considered fraught buying things from people who are using pseudonyms and whose word alone is all you have to trust them by - except I find that I totally trust some people from their vibrations in the aether (I suppose) and others I wouldn't trust for anything. This person I felt comfortable trusting, and, in fact, it was fine to do so. I'd trust Enjah with anything. Or Salazar. Or Doc. Or Forcythia. Or Pirate, for that matter. Or - well there are many extremely trust-worthy and wonderful people in Second Life. The part that is truncated or cut away is not the basic essence of the person, but is all that... rigamarole that gets in the way of knowing who the person is. Anyway, that's how I see it.

Later Enjah and I went to visit the Techra tree, as it's going away. The tree is huge: it is a sim-sized tree. The top is so high one can't fly up there unassisted. Here's a picture I took - I'm the speck by the door:

Here's another from yesterday:

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