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04 March 2006

Today was rather BUSY. Yesterday and this morning I cleaned the house furiously, then at around 1:30 or 2 SJ, Michael, and Con came over to get paintings for the show of my work that about a dozen people have been working on for months. It's a very nice thing. SJ is the registrar for the Henry, and she and Michael met whilst employed at Artech, so this is her area of expertise: packing, moving, documenting, etc. I was forced to stop painting years ago - well, about 6 or 7 years ago, and I burned things I didn't like as my standards are very high, and I've also sold as many as I own now - but in any event they took 82 paintings. There are another 15 or so between the Loopers, the Monsters, and the Flemings. There are drawings, prints, and miscellaneous things that will get added later. From here the paintings went to a gallery storeroom. The paintings needing reframing will get new strip framing done by Chjis W, and they will all be photographed by someone who's a professional photographer. The shows are in various galleries at the same time in June - as I understand it. I am not going, but I think it would be cool to have a computer set up in the gallery for the opening, and have a gallery opening in SL at the same time. Then I could talk to the rl patrons if they wanted to sit down and type to me.
It was great to see the people AND see my paintings - I feel quite blessed even though I was cranky all day (I was cranky because I found out by accident on Thursday that they were coming today - I interpreted that as being treated like a non-person - not being asked... well, or told).
Anyway, my walls are bare now. That's awfully hard for me to take. I have one painting left - it was damaged. Come to think of it, I should get out the graphics I printed out to put as a grid of papers on the wall (but never put up). It's a variety of my graphics that I thought would look nice slapped into one piece.

Also, today I received Black Orpheus in the mail, from Enjah, and Tiff sent a photo of her new grandson, who was born 2-28-06 weighing 10 lbs and sporting a head of hair.

I was exhausted after they left at 6pm, but decided I needed to go to Magik's ball no matter how crap I felt. Enj popped in, then later I was watching fireworks over the castle when the sim crashed.

I'm running a charity photo contest this weekend to benefit a little boy with an inoperable brain tumor. It's just part of the charity event, I hasten to add.

Hmmm... also Salazar decided we needed to bring the Grignano Broadcasting Corporation (whichwas something I invented for a photograh) to life, so now we have a group, a building, and a sculptured logo. Salazar has been freaking people out and messing with their heads by making everything (including himself) in grey loading texture. Ha!

ahkenatan G's avatar - at the charity photo contest. He and I posed for a photograph - I was holding out an apple to him.

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Yes - various places. I'm sure there will be info about it when the time rolls around. There's a bazillion of my art-world cronies doing this - I am twiddling my thumbs. My secret dream is to somehow have a computer set up at an opening so I can be inside it at an art opening in Second Life talking to the people at the rl art opening, and thereby cause the collapse of the space/time continuum.

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