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22 May 2006

The Latest from Tiff

Last Tuesday we went to islands called Cayos Cochinos
to snorkel and visit an isolated Garifuna Village.
The islands are quite far out in probably shark
infested waters as our outboard motors kept stalling
cause of gas in the line. One propeller did fall off
and was lost in the sea so we came in on one sick one.
The snorkeling was great but someday someone needs to
maintain at least some of the equipment (well it is
all an adventure and the fish were beautiful. I saw a
crab the size of a six year old.

Last Wednesday we went to an experimental agricultural
farm attached to a college (of sorts). They had
wonderful exotic fruits from everywhere around the
world but most don`t ship well so they are purely of
local interest as a type of botanical garden. Anyway
there is one fruit that makes everything taste sweet
after you take just a tiny bite so even the bitter and
sour fruits you ate before now tasted sweet. Quite a
fun trick. The kid that showed us around was a
student and all he wants to do is get a chance to go
to the United States, which will probably never happen
even with his special talents.

Wednesday night was the neighborhood carnaval for the
Garifuna dancers and music. It was a totally riotous
extravaganza of sexual abandon and total wild fun to
rhythms exclusive to the Garifuna. The girls are
adorable and although every move is totally
provacative--its just fun for all. Male audience
members get up onstage and compete and the guy that
the crowd yells the loudest for gets to dance with the
girls--but it gets a bit rough as they maul him
around. I got great pictures.

Thurs. we did the zip line through the canopy and down
the mountain. First we rode horses up a cliff (the
scarriest part for me--with hoofs slipping and
sliding) I really liked the zips (all 18 of them) but
you do need some basic physical skills as you go
pretty fast and if you let go with your right hand you
will spin around and turn upside down and if you let
go with your right hand you will crash into the tree
stand and the tree its in at quite a fast clip--close
to falling speed I guess. Anyway halfway thru one
zip, Brad's pully broke and he stopped dead 100's of
feet in the air. He was quite helpless as even hand
over hand wouldn't work. The kid with us hand over
hand went to rescue him but the only thing they could
do was jump the pulley a few inches at a time.

Finally Brad swung backwards and between the two of
them they managed to hop the pulley enough times to
get to the tree stand and luckily the kid had an extra
pulley and we all continued on--scary but part of what
Latin America is like--always adve3ntures on the edge.

We met the cutest girl ever who helped Brad with his
Spanish--sadley just for one day and he doesn't get to
keep her. I would bring her home with me in a second.
She is so beautiful and so nice. She is 21 years old
and a teacher of 24 children aged 3 years to 6th grade
and she makes $200 a month before taxes. Of course
her dream is to come to the United States and learn
English. I wish she could--I wish I could keep her.
On Friday Brad went to a Shaman in the Garifuna
Village and he looked in Brad's eyes and said he had a
small infection in his kidney and gave him some herbs
for that and to lose weight. He was actually a really
nice one handed Garifuna Shaman.

Brad took his diet medicine and then bought a lobster
from a local fisherman. The tail weighed 1lb. 6 oz.
and drenched in butter it was probably quite a
challenge for a thimbulful of diet herbs.

On Saturday we went to the big carnaval parade in La
Ceiba. Mostly it was more scantilly clad beautiful
girls dancing the Punta and other equally sexy dances
on elaborate floats along with adorable children and
the greatest music ever. Lots of bead and trinket
tossing caused mayhem. This parade was a typical
Central American scene. The high ups in the military
were there all dressed up with medals etc., then a row
of belly dancing cuties, then masses of camo clothed
guys with rifles. There are guns everywhere down
here. They are always in sight. Young boys in camos
with guns everywhere--actually I am quite used to it

Of course American rock is blasting everywhere
competing with the Latin and Caribbean rhythms.
At the front of the parade was Zelaya, the new
president of Honduras. He rode his horse out in
front--no protection needed.

Please go to google and type in asshole and hit (I'm
feeling lucky) and you will see what most of us think
of our president. It's a glorious and courages stance
taken by google and totally hilarious. I think google
is pretty unhappy with the present administration.

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