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25 May 2006

Tiff in Granada Nicaragua

"We arrived at our hotel late and they had no real
rooms left so we stayed next to the garbage with the
air conditioner from the next room blowing out its hot
air at our door//no outside window//uugghh. We got to
change today to a nicer room hhhooorrraaayyy. The
food here is world class//who would have thought that
was possible here in Nicaragua. Truely this is a
uniqe and quite unexpected oasis.
Well, no one can build Spanish Colonial towns like the
Spanish Colonists. This had to be the most beautiful
city in its heyday. Huge cathedrals everywhere and
gorgeous hotels made from old colonial houses. The
Nicaraguans are working tirelessly at hand labor to
restore the city. They are even tearing up old
asphalt and laying cobblestone all by hand. It is a
brave and heroic undertaking. I admire them so. Its
sad but also kind of sweet, one local guy at one of
the restored cathedrals said to us today as we were
admiring the incredible gothic ceiling "Its beautiful
isn't it//Who would think there could be something
like this in Nicaragua". The rest of Nicaragua has
some real challenges and poverty like you can't
imagine but everyone, despite their personal issues
has been wonderful//even the kids with guns and their
eagerness to give directions *although I really have a
hard time understanding street Spanish. Everone
though understands me and that kind of works.
We did an architectural photo shoot today and got
great shots/especially of roof lines for you Vivian.
Its not a perfect place/the poverty is nibbling at the
edges of everything, but the true beauty is the spirit
of the people. Everyone is working their hearts out
to make visitors feel welcome and to rebuild this
beautiful place.
Today was funny. Even the cheaper hostels here have a
small courtyard pool as it is so hot and humid. Well,
today many tourists overdid the sightseeing as we did
and we all drug in and hit the tiny pool about the
same time. Someone rented a movie to show on the
communal video screen and we all stood in the water
and watched the movie together till we cooled off.
Tomorrow we are going to a crystal clear swimming
hole. You can't swim in lake Nicaragua, you'll never
believe it//freshwater sharks.
Granada was founded in 1524. An American named
William Walker from Tenessee came down with a
mercenary army,with the blessings of the U.S. and
conquered Granada and named himself president of
Nicaragua. His government was recognized by the U.S.
In 1856 he was finally forced to flee and he burned
this beautiful city to the ground in revenge on his
way out. That was not the end of William Walker and
his masacres in Central America, but he was finally
executed in Honduras in 1860 after trying to take over
all of Central America.
Strange Stuff History."

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