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08 June 2006

Tiff: Bocas Del Toro Panama-We Are In Love

"The public transportation in Panama is the best ever.
Little mini-buses scuttle and scurry all over the
place at all times for almost no money. Little taxi
boats race everywhere all the time. Panamanians are a
scurrying bunch at least here in the north. Our drive
over from David to Bocas was outrageously beautiful.
There are mountains all the way across the country up
to about 10,000 feet. There are waterfalls, green
jungles, grassy valleys, and rivers everywhere. All
through the mountains the native peoples live in
raised little cabanas of a couple hundred square feet
with thatch roofs and outdoor living areas. Of course
there is no electricity or plumbing. Every village
has a little school and the children pour out of the
cabanas on their way to school with ironed white
shirts and navy skirts and pants. They are spotlessly
clean and obviously highly valued. The villages are
spotlessly clean--NO GARBAGE.
The people are wonderful. The food is great and you
can drink the water everywhere except on these
islands. We snorkeled at 4 different places today and
saw the most beautiful coral ever. It was like
someone opened up with flourescent spray paint all
over the ocean floor and the fish and the plants. It
was like landing on another planet of cartoon colors.
Panama has all the beautiful mountains, waterways, and
greenery of Washington plus an ocean that is about 80
degrees that you can stay in all day. Well, at least
till you see a jelly fish or two. They aren´t very
dangerous but they do sting. The waters are full of
dolphines. They actually eat the jelly fish. There
is also a little critter called a pica-pica that is
itchy and we got into a city of them so we got out but
really they aren´t bad-neither are they everywhere.
We actually snorkeled for 2 hours off the islands that
were the location for the filming of --Survivor
Panama. They are beautiful white sand islands with
suprerior access to the reefs for snorkeling.
We snorkeled with a couple from Panama City that are
here for their honeymoon. We are going to another
beach with them tomorrow as they pretty much invited
us on their honeymoon. We will take a water taxi to
an isolated beach to spend the day on another island.
I´m telling you this is the spot to love most in the
whole world. Oh, did I mention the island is half
Carribean Folk--YYYUUUMMM, the food is A_O.K.
I love Panama a lot more than Costa Rica. Here it is
just people living their life and you are a part of
it. It is assumed you speak Spanish. Costa Rica is
about tourism so you don´t feel the people are
welcoming you in an equal way.
The rain is an event. Its just another exciting
activity-Suddenly you are just in a raging waterfall
that goes on for hours. I promise you never saw such
rain anywhere in the USA."

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