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28 August 2006

Bizarre Day With Too Much Typing or What I did All Day or WTF?? A WHOLE DAY???

I forget why I got online before having coffee, but anyway, I got online. Sarah asked how the play went, so I told her. I was talking to Enj at the same time - she was making an animation. I asked Sarah to contribute garbage, so I went to Burning Life and ported her. She was a skunk. Then Enj came to show us her Puck. Then Doc IMed to ask if I could come to be part of an interview for Stratics. I killed Doc. Then Forseti IMed when I was in the middle of a swordfight and Broccoli killed me. Then Cyrus IMed and started asking me about voiceovers to be done by Wednesday (which was the very first I'd heard about it and which was a gross exaggeration as the voiceovers actually had to be done by noon tomorrow) for the trailer. I was scratching my head for a minute until he told me to IM AngryBeth and she gave me the url for the trailer. I can't know unless someone... says something. Anyway, I emailed the cast, and first Eileen (yay!) came and recorded, then Ida. Eileen had a glitch at first, and Cy asked me if I would do it - I was prepared to say, "my cast does it, or NO ONE," but fortunately I didn't have to as the glitch evaporated. By that time (maybe 90 minutes after he IMed) I was at home, having run away from Spangle. Ida recorded with no trouble and said she liked the interface. I didn't go in until 6 or so as I was too busy doing 85 other things and anyway didn't want to bother them/listen to them right then. Then someone named killa flew by, touching Fidget and setting off his purr. I was on my yoga cushion doing yoga with sporks in both hands. Then Adolf, who is a bit like a sandstorm in the shape of a human, dropped in and did yoga for a while too. Musa came by and had a shopping spree, for some reason. Then I dragged Ad to Serendipity Studio to look at pianos and Robbie's to look at various instruments. At Robbie's I helped someone find a vendor whilst deep in an IM. It was like being a medium. Then she said to Ad, "Why do you have a thing (chunk of hair) sticking out the back of your head?" He laughed and said because he was new and foolish. Then Luc came online. Cy had gone off, but I emailed his cellphone. Cy emailed Luc, I called Eileen and asked her to help Luc, but he had quickly split as he couldn't run hipcast and SL at the same time. Then I had a long conversation with someone nice who had vaudeville ideas. I asked Ad if he would rather be shot in the back or face-to-face (he answered the same as me - face-to-face). Then I dragged Ad to Mohrr to get Harry's giant keyboard which I then ran around on. Then it was about 5:30 and he went away to eat noodles as it was time for him to "stalk the streets." Then I had an IM from someone about removing paintings by the 2nd so they could hang the next show, but I recalled not owning them, so I went there to make sure, but talked about it to them all as I landing in the middle of the 4 or 5 people concerned. In between I talked to Hiro S (who I suspected of being Tay, and bluntly asked him, but he said no and why did I ask, and I said because he acted exactly like Tay), tried to talk to Reuben, and spoke with some other people. Then I went and listened to a few clips in hipcast. Then I cooked fish, spoke with Eileen who said she'd IM the cast about filming on Thursday (we were going to perform but I never heard back from Reuben, who is frequently dead-seeming, so instead I want us to film).

I'm leaving out a lot because it's more than I can remember.

Upshot: on the plus side trailer voiceover recorded, Combat Cards article for Stratics underway, our filming day is set ; on the negative - uh... a whole day?

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That. Was a very full day.

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