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27 August 2006

I went inworld and was sailing the inland sea, as listening to Selador in Umber whilst sailing is the best. Sadly, though, there was no SelinUm as Sel was unwell. Instead I sailed up to Rizal into the (very windy!) small area with those little boats you can play with that lob cannonballs, then sailed home. I caught sight of Adolf riding around on Art's shark of peace and love, so we went sailing. When I got an IM about the Elf Fundraising Auction I had to scramble off (we had gone around Abbots and were passing the marina in Bolinas by that time) and collect things up for that. Later I was making an oildrum that at first look was horrible until I saw I'd increased the texture repeats on the underneath cylinder (I'd been playing with rust for a minute). Once I put it right the oildrum was nice. Ad stopped in to say goodnight, I loped off to add more drear to my Burning Life build, which features vulture shadows moving across the earth in a manmade wasteland. Nimrod Y had IMed me with a mock tirade again my build which was going to knock his property values down by a huge chunk. He has a lovely enormous school desk next to my parcel. A bit further along there's a huge chair, which I wanted to drag over to the desk.
Salazar has a nice, new blog on his website which lives HERE.

When sailing the first time I waspassing through Omidyar when someone in the water said, "You're just leaving the sim, right?" As it turned out, two people wanted an empty sim for some reason and were, effectively, telling me to go away and not bother them. In a VOID sim! I was somewhat taken aback.

The 8 year old boy from France is still inworld, and, in fact, I ran into him at Burning Life last night. This morning I called Germaine as I thought, Well, maybe I'm crazy - maybe he isn't 8. She remembered after a while and corroborated the 8 part. I IMed Harry to ask him if there is anything I should do. I think SL is a harsh place for a wee child.

I would do more clothes but the problem with the texture previewer has made me unhappy. I was contacted the other day about it, and the nice Linden thanked me for sending pictures as he said before that they had no idea what the problem was. That certainly impressed upon me the value of bug photos. The preview grid seems to be closed and that has me feeling glum - I'd like to go and hide out.

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The only two people who really have the right to toss anyone from that void region are Pierre and Pam Omidyar! Ignore all others.
Well, I was sailing so I was headed out anyway - but I wouldn't like to be rude to them... unless, that is, they do it again.

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