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20 August 2006

What I Think

This is what I think and if you disagree go make your own blogpost leave me a comment. If you agree make a comment PLEASE as I want to feel all puffed up.

When I joined Second Life in 2004, after having stood for ages with my nose pressed against the window due to having teh ebil dial-up, there were, perhaps, 10,000 residents. Most people were building and scripting and attempting to make meaningful things. It was possible to be a part of anything that happened, more or less - or at least it felt that way.

Time rolled on, and the population became huge. The world is huge. We can no longer hope to see everything as things change too quickly and grow too quickly. It's no longer possible to be a part of everything. Not everyone cares about building and scripting - some people do entirely new things (i.e. B.G. who built an island sim to make an instructional video for the U.S. courts system). Other people shop, explore, socialise. People create inworld businesses, have businesses that cross over from rl to sl or the other way, use sl for rl business purposes that aren't apparent inworld.

Everything that was possible before is still possible (there is the pitter-patter of tiny feet running through the back code which I think is just LL working feverishly but which looks on the surface like bugs). What I think has got us caught up in lassitude and despair is the feeling that we have to be part of everything. We can't and, in fact, we don't want to be.

Here's the crux:
I see it with the photo contest themes. People create their own straightjackets; they box in others. Those boundaries are just illusions. It's perverse to keep rigidly inside them. We must learn to be free. I am talking about me, too.

Yes, some people use sl as a platform for the creation of money. Do we all need to? I think there are no rules. I sell some clothing and things. I rent space. I pay awards. I enjoy having a small business. I don't want to have a large business. If I did, I would probably have made a logo or a sign two years ago.

What I want is something that, as a rl artist, I long for. In rl the gallery/museum system has created a kind of competitive atmosphere that pits artist against artist. The rl artworld is horrible. I want, from sl, the society of other artists without the competition. I want the fun. I want to set fire to, piss on,* and trample beneath my feet the structure of the artworld. I want to ditch the fear and rigidity that it tries to encumber us with, hang with my homies, and do fun experiments that may turn out all the better for not turning out as expected.

I freely admit that what I want may not be what you want. As I see it, it's time to form enclaves. It's time to pick our niches.** It's time to start being really weird.

This all ties in with my current Secret Plan
(you know I always have at least one).

*must remember to hit the "male' radio button
in Appearance first for convenience

posted by - 5:52 PM

I'd like to see more weirdness (weird in a good way), but am not sure I would participate.
I'm enthralled by all the good that's happened, and everything that hasn't been done yet that's yet to come, so that some day, we may speak of it in past tense.

Second Life has been a powerful platform for me to "create my own culture" and let watermelons flourish.

I've always liked the creative, eclectic suggestions you put forth, Os. It's kind of like a David Lynch movie--just as surreal, but WAY easier to understand, and super-huggable. (I.e. not creepy.)

Right now I feel a strong desire for a visual artistic movement in SL equivalent, or post-, or even meta-Hexstatic. It occurred to me sometimes there's not enough motion. Qarl Fizz showed me his waving statues and they're incredible. I think you have also seen Seifert Surface and Art Laxness's YMCA robots.

I would like to see more art that is only possible in SL, or broader yet, greatly facilitated by it. :D

Bless you!
Ni! Ni!

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