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06 October 2006

The Lindens are getting really fast when it comes to controlling global attacks, however the attacks are coming far more frequently now. I don't mention them much anymore as that's all I'd be writing about if I did. One reason for the increase is the current sign-up process intended to give Second Life access to people in countries that make owning credit cards a problem. It's working for that, but it's also made it child's play (literally) for a griefer to make a disposable account. Hey, brought down the grid and got banned? Sign up again and be inworld in five minutes. At least that's how I understand it. There's a computer ID in there somewhere, but I'm not sure how it works. Another reason for the increase is that an online group has a grudge against Second Life and has been spending a great deal of energy trying to pwn it. For them this must fall into the entertainment category.

Typically the attack is in the form of a self-replicating object that is given to unsuspecting people. Those people rez the object and blammo - a bazillion objects, all bearing the name of the unsuspecting rezzer, spring into being, multiplying faster than they can be deleted. There have been some variations such as the objects mobbing people.

There was another attack, tonight. Somehow the cure was as bad as the disease this time for some sims which were wiped bare. Luskwood, an old mainland sim, is shown in this screenshot. The huge trees with the landing platform would normally be where we are standing.

ElvenMyst was wiped, too. As were many other sims that the Lindens have to roll back to a time before the attacks.

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Apparently there was a bug in the sims, which they cleaned up in the rollback - something which was destroying attached object changes...

Technically it didn't have anything to do with the attack.

While it seems like attackers can be on in minutes; it's not true. Their connection is logged, their account is logged, and their computer itself is logged in several ways. Simple griefers generally are just sent to the cornfield, but actual grid attacks have lots of tools that they won't tell us reportery types on record.

Also, depending on who's on grid duty, a replicating attack just has a cure of freezing the sims and erasing the offending objects; sometimes this is done with a minor rollback or restart, as that will kill the scripts and give a static start point.

There's alot of love and work that goes into making the world we play in. The devs give alot more care to our data loses than any other server admins I'd ever dealt with. ^-^
Well, I never thought the attack caused the sims to be wiped, but I did think it was somehow associated with the "cure" as I said, since it directly followed the attack.
"While it seems like attackers can be on in minutes; it's not true. Their connection is logged, their account is logged, and their computer itself is logged in several ways."

The only one that's hard to get around is the computer ID, and that's new. Of course, if you are a nerdly type you know much more than I do, I'm sure.
I hope the computer ID works.

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