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16 November 2006

Writing About Nothing or A Day or So In Real Life

Hmmm... so Wednesday the wind was blowing hard* and I figured my power was going to go out that day. My dentist's had rung me on Tuesday and asked if I could come at 11am instead of noon on Wednesday, so I had said all right. At 10:30 I trundled off to my check-up. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard there - or at least not for ages. I was feeling silly, and I kept laughing even when I was getting squirted with water, which made me laugh and splutter.

Anyway, after Jill (whose power was out at home) polished my toofs I asked her if it was a new flavor. She said, "Not a hit?" I said it tasted all right but wasn't exactly refreshing - which, I decided, probably just meant it wasn't mint. She said said it was raspberry. She said there were loads of flavors, prompting me to say one would think tooth polish at the dentist's was one of those products not needing a great deal of variety. She said it was a liability if a child is offered a choice from 10 kinds as they take too long to choose. She said better to offer a choice between, say, raspberry and mint. I said, "You can have either spinach or mint." She suggested another 2-flavor choice. I suggested french fry flavored tooth polish. My dentist came in and poked with great force at a filling and told me I needed to replace it.

I went out and the receptionist told me I could come in the next day. "Tomorrow?" "9 am" "Tomorrow at 9am? You're a bully." She acknowledged that she had already asked me a favor to get me in an hour early that day, but I decided to go ahead and do the 9am. I went home and my power was out. Wondered exactly how easy it would be to wake up and get to a 9 am appointment, but I decided my power was bound to come on before morning. Went to bed when it got dark. I was lying in bed trying to estimate the time, wondering how close to morning it was (after having been asleep for what seemed like a long time), then got up and the power came on - great timing. I put the puter on and learned it was just 2 am. Set the clocks and went back to bed after a while.

Got up, went and had a lot of poking and prodding by my dentist. She's great - a very nice person. Left, went to post some forms to my lawyer, (Larry), stopped to get a few things at a groceria, then went early to my jin shin appointment feeling like I'd been steamrollered. Finished there, was just about to get on the I-5 when I realised I wanted to post my rent, so I went to the Olympia Post Office and jammed it into an envelope and posted it. My landlord never remembers anything** so it's not good to post things too early (this was borderline early) but I'd had a propane bill and didn't want to be bothered sending 2 checks.

Went home. Ate some butter clam/horse clam chowder (yay Marilee). Got a call from Tiff, who detailed the house-building tribulations due to the storms. The SS called and asked me (nice man) to explain everything that had transpired, which I did (appt1 - driver got me there late, was later told there was a mysterious appt2 that I was never informed of) . He looked in the records and said, "I don't see that another appointment was ever scheduled - I apologise."

Ate some salad. Uh... fiddled with some website things for SWMNBMIMB. Put up a STOLEN: if you have any info contact etc... poster where Tina's (stolen) photo was. It's almost 11 pm ====:O

*It has been very stormy here with howling, screaming winds and a rainfall that has already set a record for November just 2 weeks in.
**Mail it too early and he cashes it, forgets, then thinks I haven't paid - well, that happened once.

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