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23 December 2006

R/S/Life - Brought to you by the awesome power of Trizzities.
I'm doing laundry, which is a chore I don't enjoy. I have been making weirder and weirder textures for HUDs - things that no one would like. I accidentally made... uh... all of them without thinking. Then I took one (and since I didn't save the layers and it was past 3 in the morning I can't even remember the 8000 steps I took to come up with them) and used it to start building a new vivian-oblivion site that may or may not ever see the virtual light of day as I'm so overwhelmed with tasks at the moment. I'm so overwhelmed that I am hardly doing any of the tasks, which is silly. Or maybe I am but it feels like I'm not.

I should make a list - perhaps it's not as bad as I am imagining. A calendar of deadlines would help. I started using the Google calendar, but as I have a recurring event to list on each day it is not very useful. The numbers blacken when they are representative of dates with events, and now I have an all-blackened calendar. I should take off recurring events and just put singular events on.

*wastes time thinking about bold text*

Where was I? Oh... a list...

Make a non-psycho HUD
Start the CC training vid
Tuesday awards... oh... find judges and have exhibit entries judged before then...
Uh... doing a Sunday drive-by to the abode of SWMNBMIMB
SJ and Michael visiting on Wednesday
Email Shelley
Call SS
Call Tiff
Oh, fix the shower, which erupted into a ball of toxic flames then exploded and obliterated the entire area from Mud Bay to McCleary... well maybe it didn't, but the nozzle fell off.
I'm an artist - exaggeration is in my job description.

I told Enjah I was cranky and she said, "You?" and laughed in that belly-holding traditional SL manner which led me to believe that Others may not see me as the mild-mannered Os that I fondly believed was the case until the scales were rudely torn from my eyes.

Oh yes, I went to a snowball fight on Thursday, and a car race on Friday. Both were fun. The cool thing about the Motorati sims and the way Pontiac is managing them is that they are honoring the inworld designers and builders while adding their input in a way that doesn't seem noxious to me at all. What they have created is a framework for SL motorheads to gather in one spot and have fun. So far, I haven't seen anything done by a corporation in Second Life that is as nice. I haven't been everywhere, but many corporate builds are similar to 3d advertising billboards and have no life to them.

*wanders off without finishing list*

*comes back in and wonders at disjointed mental meandering exhibited the the blogpost*

*looks up at the double "the" and swears*

Oh yes, I made a macro for Second Life that makes my Oath of Choice spring lightly from my fingers at the push of a button.


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