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26 February 2007

Not only is the mouse still here, but it runs around in front of me. It likes to be in the livingroom running around when I'm computationisatificationing. Next it will be sitting on the table watching me. The painting of Fidget is above its running-about area. Oh Mighty Fidget Hear My Call and chase this dratted mouse out of here!

Watching An Inconvenient Truth, which is a good piece of documentary filmmaking. It's my third Netflix film, and so far I'm doing well. The Gleaners and I, and Primer were very good. The next film is Andrei Rublev and last night I noticed I Heart Huckabees and added that to the queue.

Tiff called me. She back from Brazil and will come on (probably) Tuesday. She sent me emails to an incorrect email address which was unfortunate. I set up vaudeville rehearsals for Tuesdays at 6:30 and Sundays at 2 - at Cowell Amphitheatre. Twice weekly not so the same people come twice but so there are time options. Candide is going to come on Sunday (11 pm his time). I absolutely hate having fixed weekly things I have to do, but I have a lot, now.

Richard called me from Pennsylvania. They have a lot of snow with a lot more coming. Deborah said they were snowed in for four days and only just got out. Richard told me that (I never go anywhere anymore due to a high feeblocity quotient) a passport is required even if you are taking a plane just to another part of the same state. All this is insane and I may never leave my brain again.

When I went for my haircut at 9:30 yesterday I arrived and the place was dark. I decided to wait a bit, then decided I couldn't leave without trying the door. Just as I was approaching the doorway Sean and Kevin drove by and yelled, "Vivian! Be right there!" They soon came up and when I said I was trying the door Sean said, "Why? It's dark - you think we're trying to save electricity? Pulease!" Heh. In about 3 seconds we were laughing it up as usual, and when Sean descibed typical salon decor and I said, "Eighties," Kevin said, "With a Nagle behind the desk," which made me laugh for about a minute. I always tell Sean to do what he wants as I trust him implicitly (and don't care about hair). Their parrot Oscar was wandering around nibbling at Kevin's ankles, and Sean said he's very well-behaved but had started imitating the dog's bark, which was annoying.


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It might be time to accept the mouse as your pet/roommate and put out food dishes and a little match box bed for him in the kitchen.
I can live with the mouse, however the mouse droppings are another story.
Yeah. Forgot about that part. yeeesh
I will not mention the mouse LIQUIDS ===8-O

I don't need a passport to fly ... what on EARTH is going on over there? They ask for a picture ID and of course a boarding pass ... maybe Pennsylvania is planning to secede?
I haven't heard anything about that, but I will keep my ear to the ground. Those New England states can be tricky.

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