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15 February 2007

Wait - There's More!

New contest - prompted this exchange:

Ida Awesome!
Osprey- I hope people are interested in the theme.
Osprey -I see aliens buying ice creams, myself.
Ida - I think is sounds like fun! postcards whahaha
Osprey Have fun in 'Lanta
Ida hee I'll try! It's [someone's] BDay
Ida we bought her grown up things like coasters for presents
Osprey wow -
Osprey roller coasters?
Osprey yippee!
Ida makes me feel sooooo old
Ida she was 3 when we met
Osprey - (going off on something completely unrelated) when I was married my m-in-law gave me placemats after my husb specifically told her NOT TO
Osprey woo - !
Ida lol
Ida do you like palcements - I guess I should have asked before the laughing
Osprey She° was trying to mold me into... a STEPFORD WIFE
Ida *GASP*
Osprey lol
Ida I need a fainting animation I think
Ida argh!
Osprey lol I believe they bit the dust somewhere shortly after the breakup
Ida heheh I bet that was satisfying
Osprey *fires up flamethrower*
Ida wahah
Osprey I'd never used them. (I considered making them into a rug but they were an ugly color)
Osprey they were jammed in a drawer (a million matching Fredrich and Nelson ugly blue woven placemats... ptui)
Osprey No, but BURNING MY WEDDING PIX - that was fun
Ida- hahahaha
Osprey- snap crackle pop
Ida pictures burn great - all those chemicals
Osprey-news photographer took them
Osprey slides
Ida-of your wedding?
Osprey- I was married to a reporter
Ida - iiinteresting
Ida - well that makes sense.
Ida - then
Osprey- married BY a radio DJ
Osprey - license off a book o' matches I think (I hope)
Ida - not as good as a guy in a gorilla suit - but still original
Osprey- like "pay 15 dollars and be a minister in the Church of Bob
Osprey - get this -
Osprey- we were married ONSTAGE
Ida =O
Osprey - HE invited the entirte town in an article
Osprey -lol
Ida =OOO
Osprey - we had entertainment
Osprey - singing, world champ whistler,
Ida - shoot, sounds like he WAS the entertainment
Osprey - dancing
Osprey - It was a great wedding
Ida - was it fun? It sounds like fun - unforgetable
Osprey - but the marriage sucked (was short but not short enough, but at least I partially survived)
Osprey - OH
Ida - it's a shame that the greatness of the wedding can't un-suck a marriage
Osprey - The PLAY that was on was I Do, I Do - so the stage was filled with a giant bed
Osprey - we took pix in the bed
Ida hahaha
Osprey - huge chandelier from a mansion in town (one of Trena Worthington's builds - she built 3 or 4 exactly the same... I was commissioned to paint one... she deserves a whole wrist to herself)
Osprey - Crap it was fun - I carried a (long, trailing) bouquet of green plants I cut in my mother's garden
Osprey - wore a longish linen skirt and a long shirt, both in jewel-ish colors
Osprey *goes down memory lane*
Osprey - I haven't thought about it in a while.
Ida - lolol that realld does sound fantastic
Ida - my mom woudl have had a heart attack if I wanted to do soemthing like that
Osprey -lol
Osprey - was scrawled on a bar (well we were in the restaurant part but "bar" sounds better) napkin and xeroxed (took about 2 minutes to complete, 1 each)(and a friend silkscreened the image onto sweatshirts as presents)
Osprey -lolol
Ida -wahahah
Osprey he wrote, I illustrated
Osprey -My mother knew better than to stand in my way.
Ida -lolol
Osprey - I might have to blog this.
Ida -you should! It's too good of a story.
Osprey -The entertainers were just volunteers - like, "Santa Claus" played "The Old Grey Mare" on a harmonica. (a trio of women from the government sang "Going to the Chapel" and danced)
Osprey -lol
Ida -lolol
Osprey- In a way, too bad I have no pix.
Osprey- But only in a v. small way. (a very VERY small way) (in fact it's all for the best)
Osprey- ok night!
Ida -haha too bad they burn so nicely
Ida -night!

° However the night before the wedding, at my mother's house during dinner, she related a dream she'd had where she was saying to someone, "Why does she want to marry HIM? He has no soul." --conversation stops-- *regrets not listening*


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