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06 March 2007

*Pokes head up*

Ah, yes, that* mustn't've been the end of the world.
Where was I?

Oh yes - my students had to devise questions to set topics. This is very simple for most children, but all of this is new to these students and they have to swap and share computers, which is an added difficulty. Red Team had the topic "buffalo," and Blue Team had "rattlesnakes." Isaiah must've found the motherlode of copy/paste questions on snakes, however I had to tell him that some of the questions really made no sense out of their context on a particular website.

Emyle: you are mean
Osprey: Ha ha! I am VERY mean!
Emyle (whisper): I was saying that to isaiah
Osprey: Want me to yell at Isaiah?
Tristan: yes
Osprey: Isaiah, GET TO WORK.

Then I said, "Teams, whisper the answers to me." That confused Blue Team, but Red came through. Finally Blue did, too. Mothra told me the children had copied/pasted questions and had not paid attention to the answers. Ha ha! They had to find the answers and next week will swap and answer each others questions. One problem to copying/pasting sans comprehension was that Blue Q5 (put up by Isaiah) was being answered by Tristan, who clearly didn't understand. Q. Do rattlesnakes give birth to live young? Tristan: No, they do not give birth to try to be young. Ha!

Then Tiff came, and she brought soup and salad which is far more than I deserved. I had forgotten to eat so was hungry. But alas, vaudeville rehearsal loomed too quickly and I rudely had to leap up and claw my way into SL with poor Tiff cast out into the darkness (I told her she could stay but she opted to depart). I feel terrible that I was so rude.

Getting in to SL, Enj sent a tp for me and I landed in Cowell and dressed in my unicyclist outfit. Someone asked me if I'd had a building accident - I don't know what that related to. Enj, Ida, and Lucy were there ready, and we miraculously formed into an act and had fun, although I was exhaustipated. Note to self: 6 hours of feverish activity is too much for me. We agreed on a changed day for the mid-week rehearsals - Wednesdays at 6:30.

Last night I logged in at 1 am to try to get my idea working (knit enhancement) but 2 people arrived and followed me, and I had to tell them not to shoot Art's shark of peace and love as it's vegan. So I logged out as I couldn't work. After that I made vegetable soup as I hadn't eaten for ages. That soup was it until the 5:30 pm soup - I think eating is annoying. By rights I should be 8 lbs., however my metabolic rate is .0001368. Hmmm... 1368... wasn't that a Black Death year?

My mouse is annoying, too. I hope it may realise there is nothing for it to eat (now that I'm squashing everything into the fridge) and cease drawing a dotted line marking its travels. Its toothmarks are to be seen on something I left out on Sunday night, although I haven't felt its vibrational distortion in the space/time continuum today.

*Actually it was Annoyingly Loud Neighbors, the Sequel - whose delivery of a billion tons of gravel had to be send down a chute to the waterfront (these houses are on a steepish slop that leads down to the lake).


posted by - 10:02 PM

re: "building accident" ... you appeared to have a 2x4 impaled in your left thigh!
You had a plywood plank in your leg!! You probably needed medical attention.

It's a shame Tiff left, she missed the greated unicycle act in the history of the virtual world!
That plank is the top part of what I've been trying to work on, large so I can get hold of it easily. I can't get 3 seconds unmithered on EITHER grid. Preview is absolutely full of people (and others) doing the voice beta, and they immediately swarm around one then get disappointed in me as I am not doing voice (and they are always searching for voice-enabled land). What happens next is that they talk to each other in IM and I get spooked and teleport away (well, in the 4 or 5 times so far that's what's happened). One day I will get to have 5 minutes free of interference. Maybe I will log in as "me."

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