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22 May 2007

I need something to eat. Obviously I am suffering from low brain juice.

Osprey: (to Mothra) Are there wrong answers on the Alliance path? And Tandy needs to fix Q7.
Osprey: Chu-Shid - find a spot on your path for a question
Osprey: and make it happen.
Osprey: If only one path is finished by race day that team will win by default.
Osprey: Tristan, we already used that gastropod question.
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Mothra.
Osprey: We need a system so we don't put the same Q multiple times.
Mothra: wdsthhsewadsassssssssssddddddwasdswdw
Osprey: Hi Tandy!
Osprey: ty for changing the Q
Osprey: Want to do 8?
Osprey: Mothra are you speaking in tongues?
Osprey: (to CheyenneS) What question are you doing?
Osprey: I tilted the question signs in my valley to show some that we used already.
Osprey: =============:O I accidentally deleted one though.
CheyenneS: no problemo
Osprey: 10. What does the snail use to break up its food?
Osprey: A) A knife and fork
Osprey: B) The joke about the rabbi, priest, and minister
Osprey: C) The correct answer
Shania: Where do Whelks (missing verb - lay? cook? hide? fertilise?) their eggs?
Osprey: Whelks are cool.
Osprey: Isaiah get to work.
Osprey: All these rotating objects are making me dizzy.
Osprey: Isaiah looks like he is asleep in the air.
Osprey: Floating lying down...
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Shania.
Osprey: Shania, how is it coming along?
Shania: not good
Osprey: no?
Osprey: Pick a question and go make it on the path.
Osprey: If you need a better question go and research on the internet.
Osprey: Maybe I will delete the questions we have used.
Shania: i love me
Shania: kinda hate me
Osprey: I like you.
Shania: ok


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I love it when you share these transcripts. They give me the giggles.

Hamlet left "Shining Start of Stage and Screen" out of his survey on in-world activities. It must be an oversight.
That should be ...shining STAR...

*smacks forehead*
That was a mere snippet from an hour-long class ====:O God knows, I was tapdancing as fast as I could since that was about a minute's worth.

I have to explain things over and over as the children behind the computers change and the avatar may have say, Chu-Shid, then switch to Isaiah with Chu-Shid's name and then to Isaiah's name when he logs himself in. Mothra pops up at any time in any account, although he logged in for real yesterday, for a minute. It's confusing for me since I'm HERE. The other bad thing is no minimap-type-thing so I never know where the children are. Also, I'm a "public speaker" so in our worlds everyone hears me no matter where they are. The children have a short range, though. I imagine sometimes someone says XYZ - but it doesn't reach me. I have considered making them all public speakers - but that would be horrid, so I won't.

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