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21 July 2007

It occurred to me just yesterday that the way I am in meatspace is a bit too odd for SL. I won't say what led me to think this, but in RL (I don't do meatspace anymore - hardly see/talk to/ communicate with anyone ever in RL now, so this was Then not so much now) I always tell everyone how much I adore them, give quirky little gifts to people (a ripe pear to an elderly man, flowers to my car mechanic, a 4 foot long r/c blimp to the Loopers as a house-warming, etc.), do/try/say anything and let no challenge go untaken, etc., etc. Con always used to say, "You know who THAT is," when I'd say, "Who?" because, as she used to say, many more people know me than I know. Some people I know instantly and others I think I'll never remember. Before I got sick I bounced, jumped, danced, leapt around as normal locomotion, and sang constantly. My SL self is a good deal more quiet, but is the only way I can at all be myself now.

Anyway, I was, because of a positive and humorous personality, employed as a kind of wadding in my parents marriage - stuffed between the two sides of broken glass, cut to ribbons, yet keeping them from annihilating each other. I was also the leavening for my mother's somewhat lugubrious temperament. According to her, she had been born on a Wednesday (Full of woe) and as a young person was jokingly referred to by her aunts as (punned from a song - I reckon O, Monah, probably) Oh, Moaner.

Back to SL - I have been reminded that most people in SL who sort-of know me don't really know me, and take things a good deal too seriously. And personally. Since the shadings of communication are lacking in everything but face-to-face RL encounters between two equal humans of similar cultural background I suppose it's inevitable.


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Speaking for myself only, my communications are more earnest in SL because I cannot rely on my facial expression to convey meaning. One takes pains not to offend, and sometimes wonders if offense has been taken where none was intended. Even the lack of a response seems rude when the knowing wink or elbow nudge is lost somewhere in one's inventory.
What I find even more discombobricating is the abundance of communication channels available - IM, Chat, Blog Comment, Email - I have enough trouble remembering what I said and to whom, let alone how I said it, and whether an answer was given, and who else was listening to the conversation,
In the end I have become a panglossian polyanna - convinced that whatever was said or heard, it was meant in the best possible way, for the best possible reason. We who care overmuch do well to remember in the end laughter is always the best possible medicine!
I hesitate to follow the lovely comment of Mlle. Geoffrion, but I would like to chime in and say that allowing for occasional moods you are an exceedingly positive communicator, in my experience.

As a side note, I am Friday's Child, Loving and Giving. If only I were not also Hating and Ripping Away From, everything would be just peachy!

Your (truly quirky) gifts are matchless!
I don't mind trying to be more me, but I really don't like trying to be less me (not that I do much of that). I suppose I have to conclude that there are people who are going to interpret things wrongly and that I should just ignore it.

I am a Saturday's child - once I saw representations of the children du jour and Saturday's was an artist - fitting. Work is fun to me, anyway. You certainly are loving and giving, Enj - I think everyone can see that.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that although all religions and philosophies are bunk "Monday's child..." is absolutely true and on a par with the laws of physics.

Thank you both for your input.
These are such great posts! Thanks you all! Reminds me of the famous Buddhist saying of teacher to students: "You are all perfect. And there is room for improvement." Am having a philosophical Monday morning - SL hangover I think. I found this -- and checked out my day of birth - Thursday! Have far to go? People do often tell me to go away, or at least to shut up. I kind of like the Chinese astrology one where I show up as a Monkey.
My mother, expert as she was on Day of Birth philosophy, had two children born on Thursdays - my brother, who left to live with Mummy Barbara in Hong Kong, and my little sister who is Down's Syndrome (my parents always said she was a Down's Syndrome genius and indeed she works full-time now for the State of Washington). Both, she said, had "far to go." Ladies, I rest my case.

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