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07 October 2007

Ugh sick feverish etc

The other day Enj and I were in the temple at Burning Life and I got a phone call. It was horribly broken up. dfhdgccccerivianthyjitsdfnallldoyourememberswkkkkkk I said, "I'm not sure, your phone is breaking up horribly. Who is this?" fgfhitsmalisddfggkktryingtofindswkkkkwheresyourhousejkjk*
Me: "Uh. Are you coming out here?"

So then half an hour later someone** I hadn't seen in 12 years knocked at my door. I am a hermit and I have everyone trained to call me at least a day ahead of time (or better yet leave me alone), but there was no chance to do that (however, I brought it up later: "Great to see you CALL AHEAD NEXT TIME." I don't do time or space so it's just like I had seen her the day before. Anyway I suspect she brought alien germs from Montana that made me ill.

*Interestingly enough she had first gone to my old house where someone unknown to me told her I had moved two years ago... uh... I moved when Clinton was in the White House.
**my bee sting therapist from way back when Lucia said, "I have read about bee sting therapy.***You do it, then if it works I'll try it." So I did - three times a week for 6 months. The most I had at one time was 68. I decided to stop as it was intensely painful and ruined my life while I was doing it, for transient gains. It was interesting, though. I do love bees.
***If all my friends jumped off a bridge OF COURSE I wouldn't follow - I'd've been the first one in.


posted by - 10:35 AM

Alien germoids are not my favorite gift to receive from an old friend. *Washes hands obsessively to avoid intarwebz germs*
What on Jebus' Green Green Earth is Bee Sting Therapy? Is it the same as "Close Drawer On Hand" therapy? Or " Poke Pencil In Eye" therapy?
Mrs Antfarm (*waves to Osprey as she sits next to me in RL) wants to know more...
1) Where did you find the bees? Did you have a little hive out back?
2) Did they die?
3) Where did they sting you?
4) What did you do to get them to sting you? Did you annoy it?
5) Did you name your bees?
6) Did you have a favourite?
7) Did you get any honey out of this madness?

I think that's it for now.

8) Are you loopy? (that one is mine)
Hi, Mrs Antfarm! My bee sting therapist had beehives and her husband is a doctor in case of allergic reaction (which isn't predictable). Bees die once they have stung. She held them in tweezers one at a time and applied the sting-end to my back, knees, hands, head (hurt worst). The bees were Caucasian honeybees, not as pretty as the Italian variety, but hard-working. It's hard to have favorites when they look alike then die. I got honey and beeswax Christmas ornaments from my bee sting therapist. She had beehives on Johnson Point in Olympia and in the Arboretum in Seattle.
Mr Antfarm: When one is the adventurous sort one takes one's adventures as they come.

Bee sting therapy, while very useful for arthritis, is not terribly useful for m.s. It works, it just doesn't last long.

I did it for the fun of it. Fun to me = adventure and work. I am able to stand a lot of pain.
Mrs Antfarm is sated - I still think you're loopy ;-)

Can they not take whatever is in a bee's bum and put it in an injectable drug form?

p.s. poor the bees! They died! (sorry - I'm a rampant animal lover and bees are just sooooo lovely :-D )
"Can they not take whatever is in a bee's bum and put it in an injectable drug form?"

They do that, too.

I'm a great lover of bees. Yes, it was unhappy for the individuals and a slight strain on the hive, I reckon. Neither of us took their forced sacrifice lightly.

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