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14 November 2007

I had a friend years ago who was quite a lot older than me, and had grown up in the Washington, D.C. area, the child of wealthy parents. As a little girl she once found a lost dog and it turned out to be Roosevelt's dog - haha. She returned it to the White House and was rewarded with tea. She was stunningly lovely but shy and told me she had always wanted a dress that matched the wallpaper so she could be unobtrusive.

She was never able to blend in as she was tall and beautiful. I was never tall and beautiful but I always wanted to blend in* but couldn't, too - in part because I never had a clear idea of what I was trying to blend into.** It's a bit the same in Second Life where by remaining mostly the same I now find myself standing out as a weird-o, and am forced to acquire protective covering in order to blend in. I don't pay attention, and am just slightly stubborn and independent. Enjah, STFU :( I need to quash my feelings for my own good, obviously.

This reminds me of rolling my eyes at the ugly bright yellow every shop used as a background for its signage in the Melbourne suburbs, and Steven or somebody saying, "It stands out, I suppose," and me saying, "It doesn't stand out if everyone is using it." Even if if were infrequently used I'd notice it but wouldn't be attracted to it, so what good would it be? Anyway, back on topic...

I effing HATE shopping, but I decided that for my own protective wallpaper camouflage dress, I needed to go buy some hairs. Yes, shocking - no one is more shocked than I, however I can't stand standing out, so to speak, whether for good or bad reasons. I had to force myself to try on various prim wigs and I'm now the owner of one (took about 5 minutes, which seemed forever).

*Most people, I think, try to stand out, but if you already stand out you are more likely to wish to be left in peace.
**Currently my m.o. is to be a hermit.


posted by - 1:23 PM

Poor Enjah!

And your adoring public demand picture of you in this new hair!

Roosevelt's dog. Could I have a year on this please?
She was about 25 years older than me, I think, and as we all know I'm 106 years old and remember seeing herds of wooly mammoths roaming near our clan's cave. However I was not born at the dog-finding time, which makes it at about the time of the invention of the wheel. Or half past.
LOL - I too feel my age at the moment. One of my mates in SL has just started University, which makes her at least half my age. Fook.

Now... about a picture of this hair...
Haha - i have a friend who had to log off on Sat morning because he had to clean his room. - Lucy
I doubt you have EVER blended into the background of Second Life, dear friend ... it was just a delusion! It does not matter what sort of wiggies or hats er whatever, your inner self will shine through strong as ever.
Sure, Enj - destroy my dream ;D Haha!
HBA, once I took some pictures to be color-copied and the clerk said, "Are these your ancestors?" I said, "That's my father... that one is my sister... and THAT'S ME."
Fleepin' ancestors indeed.
Lucy, how sweet is the day one need answer to no man... uh, scuse me, gotta go clean mah house.

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