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02 December 2007

[14:45] JS: Whoa, Os... slight upgrade on your appearance. You're starting to look like (someone else).
[14:46] Osprey Therian accidentally stabs J.
[14:46] You: OH SORRY I had stabslock on.
[14:46] JS wants a stabslock key.
[14:46] You: TRYING to not get attacked by rude ppl as much
[14:46] You: I have an odd keyboard
[14:46] You: keep hitting stabslock by accident


posted by - 8:16 PM

This must have been a private joke - you don't look anything like (that other person)...

/me confused.
I believe it was intended as, "Now you are approaching the refined feminine beauty of X, whereas before you were above only ruth in loveliness."
Blimey! This new hairdo malarkey has really set t'cat amongst t'pigeons :)
I'm trying to strike a happy medium between repulsiveness and beauty, but sadly it is a radio button not a slider, it seems.
Silly goose - you've always been beautiful. Tsk.
One must strike a happy medium only if the medium striketh first, otherwise one invites ghastly curses and hair-raising misfortune! Alas, I believe now only Salazar and I maintain plain hair and we have become the oddkins. He who loveliness within hath found, all outward loathes, for he who color loves, and skin, loves but their oldest clothes.
Several people I know have default hair - Doc, for instance. It draws too much attention, now, and, due to my background of always being a stranger and not wanting to stand out, it seems more camoflaging to adopt prim hair. After more than three years with default hair and spending the amount of time inworld that I do, my situation is rather different than most.
Hey! I have prim hair too! It's just that it's all folded up and shoved inside my head like a wee alien brain :-D

Why would anyone *not* have prim hair? I ask not to be facetious, but in a genuine spirit of confusion. I recently ditched my AO as I read it contributes to lag (something I hate to suffer from). Does prim hair also make thing go slow? Am I right about the AO? What about prim clothing? Is it better just to wear Linden template clothing?

Ohhhhhh, for the chance to have been here from day 1 so I could know all these things!
I have never been one to go to a salon to get a haircut. The corner barber maybe. Usually I just trim my own hair and slick it back in the morning. The trouble with prim hair, HeadBurro, is that it takes up a valuable attach point and can become askew at the most inconvenient moments... say crossing a region border with pals or teleporting into a crowd. It's at times like that when one really wants to flip their wig, but they can't. They already have.
Prim hair contributes to lag, yes. If you go to a crowded event you will notice the organisers requesting people remove attachments. It isn't as bad as it used to be due to the LOD handling. Some AOs are laggier than others but since the way scripts are handled was changed they don't matter much. It used to be that a complex prim wig would make people's clients grind to a halt and certain prim clothing could crash sims.
Isn't a horn actually made of hair-like thingummies? HBA's hair is just stuck up :D

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