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08 January 2008

My first computer was a TI-99 ========:O
It wasn't mine as in MINE - it was just in the family. Chiefly I remember the space invaders and their noises. Well, that and its looks (generally not specifically - the brushed metally goodness - as I recall - juxtaposed with black plastic), which were beauteous for its time.

I see you can buy one on the nefarious ebay for a trifling amount. Now Hammer, who has moved away but was a pal* from the Lut (he taught kindergarten for a while, making him Hammer of the Tots), LOVED old technology. I used to show old 8mm and Super8 movies to my children (then make them make zoetropes) and Hammer would come in and sometimes bring old movies to show. He found a super ancient, 7 ton proto-laptop at a thriftshop once (when Value Village was on Sleater Kinney). All those things still work - they were made out of heavy plastic and metal, like you'd be keeping them for years and years. I bought an 8mm Bolex, complete with leather case and pristine, in a junk shop (the one by Black Lake) for $20 once, and gave it to Hammer - wow, was it ever a work of art. I used to buy every 8mm/Super8 related thing I saw, which was a huge amount (that finally I donated to the Film Ranch) including cameras, lights, editing equipment, projectors, films, and even a strange device to aid in transferring to videotape. Anyway, Hammer was an incredibly interesting and fun person and possibly** his house is full to the gills with ancient computers and wildly aethetically-pleasing movie cameras. What heaven!

*His mother is Mohawk and his dad's a jazz pianist - so he grew up in Las Vegas. I remember him showing me a book about Mingus, and saying, "Oh look - there's my dad."
** I hope.

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My first computer was that first IBM pc that came out. My dad worked there and "liberated" it from his office since he already had one. I asked him how it worked and he said "figure it out yourself" (dad was an engineer-lol)

You're the second blog today that's mentioned Mingus. It's practically Mingus fever in bloglandia.
And two SL thingies today- I got Michael Linden to stop building the road through my sim today. I'm not opposed to the road, just opposed to the terraforming disater he was executing on all the land surrounding said road. He did say the Lindens were considering texture roads (crosses fingers).

I have a question about video cards. I got a brand spanking new high falutin' monster to run on my computer, but today I found that everything shows up in SL just peachy except for big avatar skins.(Well, that and windlight sky).

It's very funny just seeing eyes and hair. Tinies, for some reason, are not affected. Since I'm mostly a tiny this is not a problem. I think it's funny that NVidia has come out with TinyVision!
What card is it? As well as making sure you have the best drivers (and I have heard tell of people having to roll back to older drivers) and clearing the cache, there are more things that you can do depending upon the card. The technical forum can be really helpful, as well as the jira, if you have something to search for.
It's not an NVidia like I thought, it's a Radeon HD 3870. I am going to check the forums and the jira. I just wish SL would make their graphics driven baby much more new technology friendly.

While I'm at it, I'd also like a pony.
Were you in SL when they gave us the pony we requested? Pony was near the WA and one could ride on her - until she broke. Bub later married her and she retired.
There was a pony?!

No, sadly I wasn't on then. I have a pony now that Peaches Latrell made. He is pink and his name is Bob.

And I got all my elements working! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Now to go and find someone who will build me a powdered wig and gown for my Wynx cat
One of my alts is a pony.

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