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07 February 2008

I had to move the car garden the other day, so took the opportunity to make it wheelchair accessible (United Spinal is involved in making builders think about accessibility in RL and it has certainly made me think in SL). I had to rebuild it in large part, which was fine, but the big HQ build is meant to come first.

Then, after the roads in 2 sims accidentally got deleted by someone (I had already safeguarded the ones around where I was working, thank G'al) I got the task of rebuilding, which was ok as I did it last night up to a place where someone else had put in some pieces but not set them to group (so I couldn't edit them). I felt like it was important to get them up fast as the sims are open and I see people driving around - looks bad to have roads missing.

OK, fine, then this morning I was asked to redirect a road for a renter so I went over - was a very difficult curved/tilted, etc. road which took me hours and hours. I did the main part up to where the original road turns, then decided to do that turn properly, but not right then - opting for a very useable fast join of my bits with the old bits. I left messages saying I hadn't reparceled and would the owner arrange for it to be reparceled please, that I would be back to finish when I'm not so sick of roadbuilding (which is not easy when one has to complete a segment in between 2 segments build by someone else - join this ↨ with this / - uh, ok). I logged to find food, came back while the oven preheated to find many emails saying things had been returned. OK. Might be the owner making the prims hers, or an accident. I logged in to find things ok - except for one thing. The section where I had built and carefully joined the road (at a slant) to the main road was missing. "What happened?" I asked. Apparently she's making some minor changes, or had an accident... It made me queasy to look, frankly.

I did meet a nice young vehicle builder. She says she's not interested in marketing so wants to give her vehicles away. She gave me a black Prowleresque car which I drove around a bit, and decided it was the best way to check the roads. There's a spot where it looks like the roadbuilder was running out of time and the roads just blow - I spent a few minutes adjusting them but really I need to rebuild. The places where I used my own pieces are really much reasier to do. It's very, very tedious work and very tiring, though, and takes forever to do right. I worked on that tough rebuild today for hours. /me resolves not to redo the deleted part if asked.

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Thisd sounds fun! I suck big hairy wolf balls at driving in SL - shitty laptop and even shittier WiFi connection see to that - so I'll come along and let you laugh at my many wide and varied hiiiiilarious crashes :)

People actully refuse to drive with me now as it always leads to at least one relog and/or system restart. I blame the french.
i find it to be one of the conveniences of Sl that you never have to learn to park. all vehicle rides end for me in a crash eventually and vehicle is soon politely returned to my inventory for me.

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