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25 February 2008


Watching Hukkle, which is really good, but I have trouble telling people apart so I'm going to watch it again immediately (not that you need to tell them apart, but it would be nice. Once about, oh, a few years ago or so I told a friend I had a crush on XYZ. "Oh?" she said, "What does he look like?" "Look like... uh...." "Well, what color hair does he have?" "Hair, yes... I think he has hair." You get the picture.

Some people are entirely one with their physical selves and other people have some kind of essence that is apart from physicality. Maybe some people are more expressive in the physical realm. I used to be that way and in fact any still image of me seemed kind of untrue because I was always moving and leaping and dancing. At least I always leaped up stairs two at a time and jumped down them up until I got sick and couldn't anymore (late 30s) so I didn't waste it :D

John packed my trusty old computer into Sha* and I'll drive it in to the computer builderers tomorrow. Will be nice if it doesn't cost a lot, but I suppose what will be will be. The problem is this: Due to, presumably, cost-cutting corporations providing crap components I was plugging a speaker into the audio jack in the soundcard when the andle came orf in me and. No, I wasn't doing anything weird. Then I didn't turn it on for a few days but did as I needed to get something. Just then Frank rang in emergency mode, causing me to fly out of the house in a rush. No, I hadn't forgotten an appointment - he'd given me the wrong time. I made it there in 20 minutes which is very fast. When I came home that computer had turned itself off due to overheating, information it related to me ominously in a special freak-out screen upon start-up, a screen that looked just like a ransom note. Although closely linked by time the two events could be unrelated.

I want to get it mended so I can take this one in and have them fix the sound issue I've been having, which USED to be that I couldn't get a mic to work, as well as that the audio interface switches between Intel and Sigma Tel ("You don't have Sigma Tel." - quoth one of my computer fellows who is confused.) This is the first computer I've had where I got talked into using the onboard sound. Them: "The integrated sound thingies are goooood now." Me: "No zound card?? Eeeeeeeeeek." Them: "Dun wurry id will be fine." Me: "kk" But I couldn't get a mic to work, then last week the computer leapt to attention and reported: ZOMG joo have new hardware led me get the speegers werging four joo. I was scratching my head as the speakers were fine, but gave it its head and plugged in the mic as I reasoned it might now see it, which in fact turned out to be the case. So perhaps it's just needing to be reseated.

Having a tough day, so am not doing much. I made a new character so I could interact on Human Age 1 with Enjah. After I made him the site went down and has not come up. Uhoh. *whistles innocently* I dun borked Human Age. My new caveman is a Caribou Sniffer :( I'm going to switch to the Egg Head tribe as soon as I can get on. I have total clan loyalty.

*My car, named Little Sha by an Assiniboine and Sioux friend as I was driving her and her family to a pow wow. "Sha" is red in Dakota, she explained to me.

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posted by - 8:45 PM

Last night I was thinking of dear Sha and could not remember what that meant. TY for telling me again. I am now an EGGHEAD btw. YOu dint tell me we are all BALD. CHEEZ!
I'm a double yoker :D
Why is it that the Eggheads have the least intelligence but plenty knucklebones? I wanted to leave the tooth grinders (I like my teeth!) but oh my.....

Delta here Delta there -

Woo - I'll add you as a friend :D
Well, I doubt there's any particular reason to prefer one tribe over another. I like Eggheads the best although I admit to a mild crush on the name Troglo-phone.

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