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17 March 2008

I think I need to think in terms of silver spacesuits and flying cars* rather than NOT having silver spacesuits and flying cars - i.e. think in terms of having peace, humans having evolved beyond brutality, careful stewardship of the Earth, and other things that I can't understand us not having. It was writing about Television that did it. I'm sure if we can all think that way it will help.

I started this blog because I was thinking about how we could make a better world. Since I am the centre of the universe it follows that I should be able to shift things by shifting my own thoughts. Yes, of course you are all the centre of the universe, too. One, two, three. *grunts* I don't think we all started at the same time. I will need to find out when one of those big thought-a-thons is taking place and be sure to focus at that time. Anyone know?

*Reference: I rang my brother in Australia one New Year's Eve when I was in the 20th century and he was in the 21st - I asked him how he liked the silver spacesuits and flying cars.


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t we can do it... at least not in a big leap. It's more glacial... or tectonic; takes ages then moves dramatically before settling down again.

Still - I'll give it a go with you - after all, I have a wee Burrito to think of now :)
For me, repetition and consistency are the keys. I try to imagine the best world I am capable of imagining (and the best ME I can imagine being) every day, but I slip up and have to redirect mh thoughts and images at least 10 times a day (and I am being kind to myself saying it is only 10 times)!
Call it the ah/om factor - the manifesting factor - good vibration factor - I am there with you one spoonful of dirt at a time or one mountain at a time . In the center of my universe I am wearing a silver space suit and flying my space ship. Not really I like my feet in the mud and my mind in the clouds, I mean that as a positive thing. I will be growing veggies for all you pilots.
Oh dear, I am behind the times. I am used to changing the world one villain at a time, at the point of a sword. But something must have happened for lately I have met only peaceable, kind souls, against whom I cannot muster the ferocity needed to win even a match at combat cards. Your gentle thoughts have a clear and evident effect!
I didn't really write what I was thinking because I am verbally stunted, or something, and can't express myself in words. It sounds like I mean just to visualise good things - which is not exactly a new plan. I am not sure WHAT I meant except that perhaps if I blog like television is long gone it's kewl since then, at least to me, it IS long gone. Admittedly I make 0 sense but that's just the way I am sometimes...
Verbally stunted! Osprey, you are a veritable verbal giant. If you are spare on sense (and I rarely count my change in verbal transactions) you are as prodigious in words as you are in well-wishers. And what is this strange thing called television that has come and is now long gone? I trust I did not miss anything? Silver spacesuits sound both fashionable and comfortable.
Sorry, I was just lounging around in my silver suit in my silver space ship drinking a lovely silver Plutonic cocktail ... now, what were you saying?
I was doing that too, Enj... but my anti0grav runs off the old wifi box and crashed so I've got space pop everywhere! It'll take ages to clean up!

Young! You have hit upon the secret of Osprey's success at Combat Cards - she is drugging us with happy waves!

Os: I have the same thing but with drawing stuff - I can see it in my wee brainbox, it looks the same as it travels down my arm and then gets all buggered up at the wrist area. :(

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