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29 April 2008

There's an interesting post on collapsing geography about tech awareness. In an informal count of hands, the awareness of a particular technology - heard of or used -among college students in one particular class went from the predictable 100% for cell phones to (surprisingly) 0% for RSS and Spore. One person had heard of Twitter.

I can't quite believe only 10% have heard of WoW - I think it might say more about what college students think they need to disown. However I live online, so my perspective is skewed in that direction.*

I'm sure the marketeers are poised and engaged in some Pavlovian drool behavior at the idea of - somehow, someway - putting a bit of choice new-style advertising on cell phones. Something amusing and watchable as content in itself, while acting to extend marketshare. Free phone or phone functions, or free access to content for allowing advertising - well, it's not something I know anything about or anything I like, but it seems as though it could happen (might've already for all I know).

I think I might be part of the last generation that proceeded through childhood with almost no advertising geared toward us. It would be nice to think the current children will grow up brushing advertising away with a wave of their hands like someone shooing flies, but what I've seen is often A) buying into the advertisers' line (say, anorexia) or b) cynicism that carries over to all facets of life ("everyone cheats," "politicians are all the same - corrupt - so why bother voting?").

0% for Spore - that surprises me. One thing the list probably marks well for that group of people is how important the particular tech utilities are to them. I think if you don't need/use/care about Twitter you don't bother to remember it and may delete its entry from your database. There's a multiplicity of applications social and otherwise and a swarming aspect to their use at that age especially, and no matter how many times you see/hear/watch South Park episodes about one, if your friends don't frequent it then it's deleted or stored in a little-used module. Perhaps it's a modern survival memory tactic. I'm just making this up, as anyone who has read this far can tell :-D

*But I bet they've all seen that South Park WoW episode - even I've seen it and I haven't had television for decades.


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Did you read this ?
Books written and or read on cell phones are doing very well.
Studies show that most people believe ads have no effect on them.
Insidious innit.
No - wow, interesting in a head-scratching kind of way. I suppose the text has to fit the medium, and I don't exactly have leave to criticise any kind of reading since I have to feed print into my eyes or I can't, for instance, eat. I once read a book about turkey farming because it was the only book available. However, in my elitist way, I am secretly appalled by what sounds like a platform upon which only trash could exist happily.
EGADS WOMAN I never heard of Twitter OR Spore ... of course, I am not in the demographic pod you are targeting ...
You, WHAT? You have never heard of Twitter? I can see how you could not know about Spore (you probably didn't notice my recent post:
but I'd've thought it would be imposible to miss Twitter (I suppose you may never've been in Ordinal Enterprises and noticed her free SL-Twitter utility there). I think people just don't retain information about applications unless they have a niche to fill.
Have you ever heard of WoW, HBA?
Wow is what my lad says when he sees food. I'll send you a vid clip... )

The other WoW is something my mate plays in. I'm actually in the demo-pod cos I've heard of all the stuff and I'm desperate for books to come on to my phone. As much as i love books (and i do) i would love a world where I can access everything (including SL) on a pocket sized device. /me likes to travel light, very light :)
I don't see why screens aren't rollable or foldable, or, for instance, on a kind of inflating material or projected from a base. Keyboards are projected on tables, now, which is a step in the right direction.
I wonder why we need screens at all for travel. Either (crude) goggles or (better) direct input would be better.
oooo yes! plug me in as soon as it is possible.

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